How to Improve Your Facebook Fan Page

An easy way to reach out to your fans without spending too much money on advertising is through social networking sites, and if there’s one social network where your business should have an account with, it should be Facebook. It is currently the biggest social networking site on the planet, boasting of over one billion users. Chances are high that your target market is already using Facebook. By setting up a fan page, you can connect with your fans and use this connection to boost your brand’s credibility and effectively market your products and services on the internet. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you make the most of your Facebook fan page:


 1.       Choose a Good Profile Photo

Your fan page profile photo is representative of your brand. Therefore, it is important that you use a clear, catchy and well-scaled image that reflects your company’s standards for quality. You can use your company’s logo or, for variation, photos of your well-liked products.  It also helps if you choose a profile photo that is easily recognizable and can stand out in your fan’s new feeds. It is also as important to choose a relevant cover photo for your Facebook page. Make the most of your cover photo to display photos of your new and bestselling products.

2.       Complete Your Profile Information

Filling out details in your profile information is crucial if you are looking for business partners, suppliers and even customers, especially if you do not have a business website to post your address and contact details. Make sure that you include updated and accurate information about your company, such as your address and customer service numbers.  The details you put there can help your fans and followers out, the ones who need more information about your company such as your exact location, 1 800 number and hours of operation.

3.       Use Custom Tabs

Make it easier for your page viewers to navigate through your website and find information by using custom tabs. You can use custom tabs to allocate special information for your fans, such as instructions on how to place their orders through Facebook or to encourage them to subscribe to your updates in other social networking accounts or even your website.   You can also use these tabs to post categorized listings of the products that your company sells. You can use up to 12 custom page tabs which will be displayed on your page just below the cover photo. Make sure to use custom tab icons to add visual appeal to your page.

4.       Put Emphasis on Important Posts

Do you want your fans to know about a special product that your company has recently launched? You can share this as a highlighted post by clicking the star icon. Use this Facebook feature to put emphasis on your posts that you want people to focus on. Highlighted posts stretch to cover your page’s entire width so it becomes more easily noticeable on your Timeline.

5.       Create Milestones

Share to the world just how your company has evolved through the years by using milestones. You can use photos to accompany important milestones, such as when your company was founded and when it started to offer a particular line of products. Take advantage of this feature to provide a visually appealing and informative history of your company.

6.       Post Quality Content

Don’t just use your Facebook fan page to promote your brand. Make it more interesting by posting quality content that your fans may be interested to see or read. If you sell cameras, for example, try to post tips on how to take better pictures.