How to Get Around Popup Blocker Software

When your website is dependant on ad revenue, viewers using popup blocker software can really hurt your business.

In fact, 18% of web users in the U.S. use ad blocking technology. Luckily, there are ways around this. Let’s talk about how to get your ads and popups seen by people using popup blockers.

Why People Use Popup Blockers

In today’s world, the advertising industry is strong. Advertisements are everywhere you look, especially on the internet.

In fact, advertisers spent $40 billion more on the internet than on television advertisements in 2018. But if most people are used to seeing so many ads, why do they block them?

Well, when most people are browsing the web, they want the information they are seeking as quickly as possible. The advertisements can be annoying to them.

What they often don’t understand is that many companies rely on these popups to maintain their business. Virtually nothing online comes for free, and if you are not paying for what you are getting, then you are the subject.

In other words, people don’t understand that viewing these advertisements is what makes the information available to them with a couple of clicks on their device. So, they choose to use ad blockers.

With algorithms being used to find the right ads for web users, it is very beneficial for retailers. However, it can make viewers uneasy, thinking that “Big Brother is watching them.”

Fortunately, for your business or organization, there are ways to make the ads visible to people using popup blockers so the business can maintain its cash flow and continue to operate.

How To Get Around Popup Blocker Software

Businesses may not use popups for advertisements, they may be there to get more subscribers or clients, and they can be eliminated with a lot of popup blocker software.

Here are some simple ways to get around this.

Popup Software

There is popup software available to help get around these blockers and get more customers and subscribers. They can even fit the theme of your website, and work with you to make the right types of popups for your viewers.

This is a great first step for getting attention, but don’t stop there.

Avoid Using Unsolicited Popups

Most popup blockers will filter out popups if “” is enacted without solicitation by the user.

If a popup is invoked by a direct user action, it will typically not be affected by a popup blocker.

If the popup is set to open when a viewer clicks on something on the page, puts their cursor over an anchor, or any similar action, it will bypass most major popup blockers.

Next Steps

Now that you know a couple of tips for avoiding popup blockers, try them out and see how it goes. Using popup blocker software is free to try out, and it can go a long way for your business.

Many companies will benefit from using these tips, but especially bloggers. Check out some other tips for succeeding at blogging as a beginner!