How to Combine PDF Files

Kapil EdkeA Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format that was developed by Adobe System. It enables a file to be viewed independently, meaning that the file can be viewed without having to use the program that created it. The file is shown in the same way that it was created. It is easy to work with PDF files. The file is smaller than other types of documents like Word and they can be transferred faster. The data can be protected to prevent intruders from tampering with it. PDF files may contain text, images, rich fonts and graphics. In order to view a PDF file, you must have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. Several PDF files can be combined to make one file. This comes in handy especially when transferring files to someone. Here are the instructions

Using Adobe Acrobat


1)       Turn on your computer.

2)       Locate the first file you want to combine and the Adobe Acrobat window will open.

3)       When the Adobe Acrobat window opens, click the button in the menu bar with the green plus sign to combine files.

4)       The Combine Files window will appear. Click on Add Files to select the files you want to combine.

5)       Locate the files on your computer and add them.

6)       After adding all the files you want, click the Next button.

7)       The window will return to just one window showing two options to choose from to merge the files along with the list of files you added.

8)       Select the merge option that you prefer to use.

9)       Click create and wait while the files are combined.

10)   When it finishes, save the new combined file to a location you choose on your computer.


Using PDF Merger


1)       Turn on computer and open the internet browser.

2)       In the search field, type in “download PDF merger”.

3)       When the search results are displayed, click on a link to go to a site offering the program for download.

4)       Follow the instructions to download and install the program on your computer.

5)       After the program is installed, double click the icon on the desktop to launch it.

6)       Click the add Files button at the top to import the files to combine.

7)       The files will be shown in a list. Choose the method you want to merge the files.

8)       Click Options select your preferences to personalize the Properties and Security for the new combined file.

9)       Set a name for the file and select a location to save it below the panel.

10)   Click the Merge button and wait while the file is prepared.


Tips and warning

You can merge files that are not PDF file but you have to convert them into PDF before you can merge them.


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