How to Check If an Email ID Is Valid

email verificationSince the time Internet has evolved, email has been one of the most powerful and useful mode of communication. One must be coming across many email IDs in a day to day life. Have you ever come across a situation where in you need to check if any provided email ID is valid or now. Well I have got into many.

During which came across a web service called Verify Email Address and the way it works is pretty cool. All we have to do is you have to do is you have to login to the website and then just put in the email that you want to check for the validate.

There are various conditions that the entered email id can fall into. Some of them are listed below:

Email Address Verified

When you have entered any email id and if it is valid then you will get this message. The website has checked for two things, first the syntax and second he working of the server. If both of the conditions are satisfied then it says that the email address is verified.

Email Address Is Not Valid

This message can come up under various situations. It basically does three checks on any email address that is being passed. First the syntax of the email address entered. Second the connection to the mail server and thirst and the last the availability of the email address on the mail sever.

So if any of the condition fails, you may get this error.

No MX Resource Records are Found

Before starting with this message, let us know what is MX. It stands for Mail Exchange and as the name itself says we get this error when there is no mail server available with the one that has been passed in the email address provided.

Invalid Email Address Syntax

This message is thrown when the syntax of the email address provided is not correct and hence it cannot be a valid email.

Verify Email Address is a pretty simple tool to check the validity of any email ID you know or have.

Dwarka Rao is editor at PcsPlace – A Tech Blog and Review Unit – A Gadget Blog.