How to Burn a Blu Ray

BluRay is the next step in optical media storage that is available to the public, providing greater storage than its predecessors did; the same was true in the case of the transition from CD to DVD where CD’s would hold up to 700Mb while DVD’s would hold about 4400Mb on single layer or regular discs and 8000Mb on dual layered discs. Aside from the improved storage, BluRay is taking over because of its superb picture quality, high fidelity sound and extra features not offered by CDs or DVDs and people are opting to buy and burn their data or movies to BluRay rather than DVDs. Here’s what you need to burn your movies to a BluRay disc.


  • BluRay recordable drive
  • Burning software that supports BluRay
  • Marker (optional)
  • Printer (optional)
  • BluRay blank media
  • Labels (optional)



  1. If your optical recordable drive does not support burning to BluRay discs you must purchase and install the appropriate drive or have it installed by a professional; if your PC or laptop included a BluRay recordable drive or if you purchased your drive at a store usually there will be software included that will support burning to BluRay discs. If you want to burn data to your BluRay disc then you should start your burning application and select the option to create a new BluRay compilation; once this has initialized you can then drag files of your choice to the compilation provided you are within the size limit for the disc. Next, hit the record or burn button and wait while the files are written; once completed you may print a label for your disc or simply use a marker to label your disc.
  2. If you wish to create a BluRay video disc from your various video sources your burning software must support this feature; if it is not supported then you may need to purchase another burning suite or upgrade your current version as some bundled versions may lack certain features.
  3. To begin, select the option to create BluRay video from your burning application and drag your desired video files into the compilation; some software may offer you options to create different menus and intros for your disc which will be done before the burn process is started and once you have made your decisions you may proceed to the burning or recording stage. Once the recording process is completed usually the disc will be ejected and again you may opt to label the completed disc with the method of your choice.


  • BluRay offers greater storage than older optical media but this means that more data will be lost if a disc becomes damaged.
  • When recording to any media always burn at low speeds as slower recording speeds will allow your disc to be easily read by various players and readers on the market.
  • The quality of the media being used may be a factor to consider if you have disc read errors so research of different brands of blank media should be done.

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