How to Blog Using Just an iPhone

Blogging from iPhones has become so popular, a term for it has even been coined known as iBlogging. Blogging from your iPhone can be convenient and once you get the hang of it pretty fast. You will need to break away from your desktop for a while and focus on iBlogging so as to really give your iPhone a fair shot. It takes a little while to break the habits you are used to on your desktop or even laptop computer, but once you have blogged on the go with your iPhone and gotten used to it, you may never want to go back! Here are some tips on how to blog using just an iPhone.

Blogging Style and Your Tools

The first step is knowing where you will be blogging and your style, and then downloading apps that will make the process easier. You can start with the blogger app that will be connected to your blogger accounts. Using this app you can write or edit posts, comment, you can also take pictures with your phone and upload them right to your blog. iBlogger and BlogPress are other popular choices that work with a number of blogging platforms. Then of course there is the ever popular WordPress. The app for WordPress also allows you to write full posts, edit them, and post pictures with a few clicks of your finger and tapping of your thumbs.

You may also wish to get some photo editing apps if you plan to use just your iPhone and not use any software on your desktop or laptop. Luckily there are plenty of options, so try them out and find the one you like to use best on the iPhone. A free app that is very useful is Adobe Photoshop Express, especially if you like to manipulate your photos (color correction, cropping) a little before posting. Of course the most popular app for iPhone for photos currently is Instagram, which also happens to be a free download. You can also get apps to help with video posts such as TwitVid, Ustream, and more.

Don’t forget social media to help drive traffic to your blog! Download the Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and YouTube apps for free and use them to promote your longer blog posts. You really can do everything on your iPhone that you could on your standard computer, and the technology is getting better every day. Of course the list for useful apps doesn’t end here, be sure to keep an eye out for other apps that will suit your individual needs. A few other recommendations would include: Dropbox, Evernote, and Wikipanion.

Which System is Convenient for You?

Now you are ready to blog! Open your app of choice be it WordPress, iBlogger or another, and start flexing those thumbs. It can seem a little tedious at first writing out full page blog posts on the iPhone, unless you are already a seasoned texter with flying thumbs! Don’t give up, in a week’s time you will be a pro, and not even notice the work it takes to type on a keyboard onscreen. Take your time and learn how the apps work, and see which suits your needs.

Some dedication is needed at the start so that you can get used to the apps and programs. Once you see just how convenient the iPhone makes blogging though you are sure to appreciate the option. Being able to write while you wait in line to pick up the kids at school or respond to comments while sitting in the doctor’s office certainly makes those previously useless times productive! So how do you blog using an iPhone? With patience and determination, and plenty of useful apps!


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