How to Backup Your Data Online



As great as technology might be, it isn’t flawless and things can still go wrong. Just think about what natural disasters, hard drive crashes and accidental file deletions can do to your computer – and your sanity.

Now, although you don’t have to hire a repairman when it comes to computer mistakes or malfunctions, you could lose your work, your records and your memories when things go wrong with your computer; and, because of this, it would help to make proper backups for all of your computer files.

Fortunately, a lot of online services now provide easy-to-use backups that are completely free of charge, so you no longer have an excuse for avoiding data backups. The best part is that you can now backup all of your files on a regular basis and with better security to boot.

Here are some of the best online backup services to date:

1. Dropbox
Dropbox is probably the most popular online backup solution to date. It provides a storage of 2GB that can be expanded to up to 16GB through mere referrals. All of the files stored in a Dropbox account can be found online, as well as on every computer with the same account since the files are automatically synced across them.

Thanks to Dropbox, files can be recovered with ease and files that were accidentally trashed can be undeleted, as well. It works with Mac, Windows, and Linux, and can be used with iOS and Android apps.

2. SkyDrive
SkyDrive is the online storage solution with the most free storage to date. It offers up to 25GB of free storage and is the most well-known name of storage solutions out there. Unfortunately, this Microsoft system is a little inflexible because it is integrated with Windows 7 and can only be used with Windows mobile devices. However, avid users of Windows 7 will still love SkyDrive when it comes to backing up their files.

3. Mozy
Mozy, on the other hand, is one of the oldest online storage solutions out there. Best known for setting and forgetting files, Mozy lets users install the program and then keeps all of their files safe with ease. They can also backup locally and through Cloud.

The only downside to Mozy is that it only provides 2GB of free storage with no way of expanding that storage for free. However, it can be used on Mac and Windows, and on Android and iOS phones.

Which One Should You Use?
Overall, the best backup solution would be the one that would suit your needs best. Therefore, it would be vital for you to look at every available solution and find out how it would fit into your workflow and how it would help you grow. After all, it would be much better to backup 2GB worth of data than to have 100GB of unused storage space in the end, right?

In fact, the only thing you shouldn’t do is ignore backing up all of your files. So, pick a solution and start backing up your files before you lose something important to you.


Ilya Elbert writes for several IT Support Houston and Computer Repair Houston national service organizations.