How to Automatically Backup all your Important Files

Did you ever think what could happen if you lose all the important data in your workstation, can you really afford losing these files to a flood, power or fire? I know you are afraid even to think about it as losing those things can be devastating. But flood comes, power outages do happen, hard drives failure does happen and risks of fire are always there. We all keep our important data and files in our personal computers and laptops, whether we are related to any it business, banks, media, marketing or insurance firms we all do have important documents, files, software, pictures, videos etc and all of these files are vulnerable until backed up somewhere else instead only device you have.

There are various methods to keep a backup of your computer or only the important files; these include cloud storage, discs, external hard drives, network-attached storage, USB drives and online storage services. All of these are effective and manageable ways to backup your computer but all of these have their own pros and cons. I have mentioned them below to help you decide what kind of method best suits you and also given the recommendations on behalf of my experience.

Cloud: in this method, you upload your files to any company’s server as it lets you host some data and you can access your files from anywhere via internet. This is beneficial as data is accessible from anywhere but the downsides of this include limited storage and subscription fee every month for extra storage.

Discs: this is one very old but effective way to save all the data but in case of fire or any disaster, these can crash resulting in losing data, plus it also allows limited data and if you need to backup all of your computer then you must be needing so many of the discs and spend days.

USB drives: USB drive is also like disc but provides much ease as just drag and drop option instead of burning discs. This is also good for backing up certain files but not your entire computer whereas the fear of losing this device is also there because of its small size.

External hard drive: this is quite impressive way to backup every file in your computer as they are big as compared to USB and discs and also have much more storage capacity then them. It is indeed one of the best way to backup your data in current scenario but again it will be there with your computer or your building and in case of natural disaster you could lose data and plus this device is much expensive then all previously written devices.

Network-attached storage: this is kind of having separate pc to store the data of your computer, you connect with other pc and keep all your files their but it’s not effective as both of your computers can be on risks I mentioned earlier in the article.

Online backup services: this is the method that I recommend the most to my readers as this is the most modern way of backing up your data, as secure as it is saved in other device but at different locality, can be accessible from anywhere, they also provide a great storage capacity making you backup your entire computer. One of great online backup service providers is immortalfiles, I have used its services at its best as it support backup to ftp and Google drive, and amazing thing about it that its for both windows and Mac. I am getting a storage capacity of about 10 TB and the best thing about it is that it automatically backup all your important files after even being edited several times.