How technology has transformed the way we do business

The following is a brief sketch on how technology and computers in particular have advanced over the years and how they have changed and are still changing the way we do business.

Owning a PC in today’s world is synonymous with breathing. This is especially true in developed countries, where the advent of personal computers and the internet has revolutionized communication, education, and commerce.

Technology is being implemented to various degrees in education, from new computer systems in a classroom to entire classes and degrees online. Even coveted degrees like law, medical, and msn nursing degrees are entirely available online now with recent advancements in technology.

Statistics from this decade only reveal that more than a million internet users were generating a full time income from selling on eBay and using other internet marketing opportunities. Desktops, laptops, and now smart phones have even made this process easier.

All you need is a device and high speed internet connection and you have the potential of making money off the internet. But that’s not all. With the help of a touch screen device or smart phone, you can organize daily tasks, manage finances, watch TV, and even read daily news.

Plus, hardware accessories have made the sharing of information easier with options like downloading, emailing, scanning, and printing london for example, does not need its historic Fleet Street anymore to catch upon the latest news from around the world! Everything is now available at your finger tips.

Apart from home based businesses, computer technology has bought with it innumerable benefits for businesses of all sizes. In basic terms, technology helps the business to become efficient as communication within the firm, with clients and with suppliers becomes smoother.

More importantly, data entry and storage have also taken new forms. When computers first became common, it became easier for firms to record their stock levels, employee information, and busies accounts. These tasks not only became easier, but more accurate as well.

But with the recent popularity of social media, businesses of all levels have an opportunity to reduce their operating costs. This is especially true in the area of marketing and promotions. Moreover, outsourcing your hardware and software tasks to a third party is also a new trend that is used by many businesses.

When someone else is taking care of your company’s technological needs, your employees would get more time to work on productive tasks. Moreover, work space will also be saved if your hardware is being operated by another firm.

Most importantly, these technology companies have skilled workers who provide efficient services that help the business to cut back expenses. It should also be mentioned that modern computer technology also makes your data secure. This is especially true if you have hired services providers.

They will be able to provide back-up at the time of a system crash or any other accident that can put your business in jeopardy. It was stated that outsourcing computer services makes the business operations more efficient.

However, it also helps to ensure clear communication within the firm. Moreover, systems like Cloud computing help you keep track of your business even when you are not present in the office. If you have a laptop with an internet connection, you can easily manage your business from any part of the world.

This simply means that business operations are not confined to geographical boundaries. They have become mobile which provides them the necessary flexibility required to remain ahead of competition in today’s cutting edge market.

Finally, computer technology has largely helped market oriented businesses. These businesses survive by responding to customer’s demands incurred through research. Nowadays, market research like opinion polls and questionnaires can be easily conducted over Facebook. You do not have to knock on the door of angry customers to conduct research anymore!

About the Author
The author runs a printing London firm. She also works as a freelancer for technology websites reviewing current trends in computer and mobile technology.