How Has Social Media Affected Online Recruitment?

Regardless of which social media sites you use, if any, social media affects almost everyone.  Recruitment companies are aware of this fact and have adjusted their tactics to respond to it.  The best employment agencies Los Angeles job seekers can visit neither ignore social media nor let it take the place of face-to-face interactions.

You Can Pretend to Be Anyone Online

Appearances can be deceiving, and this is even more apparent more online.  Just as Wikipedia can give you a general idea of something is but is no substitute for checking your own facts, job recruiters can use social media as a starting point.  Almost no one gets job offers based exclusively on social media profiles, but there are plenty of social media misdeeds that can cost you jobs you might have otherwise been offered.  Employers see the following social media activities as red flags:

  • Posting contradictory information about your employment history
  • Posting statements that recruiters, with a brief Internet search, can identify as false
  • Including unprofessional messages or images in parts of your online presence that are publicly visible

Be Yourself, but Don’t Be Obnoxious

Prospective employers will look at your social media accounts, so use them accordingly.  Before you post something online, think about if it would be appropriate to display it at your office.  Therefore, pictures of your family are acceptable, but posts about your expensive purchases are not.  At some jobs, bumper stickers endorsing political candidates or displaying religious symbols are fine as long as they stay away from controversial statements.  Research your prospective employer to see if they would consider this type of content appropriate before you include it in social media profiles that job recruiters can see.

Job recruiters accept that social media is a normal part of life, but employees should still use good judgment about what they post.