Great Office Designs – McClaren Technology Centre

Office design has come a long way from the cubicle era of the 80’s and studies have shown time and time again that employee surroundings have a huge impact on productivity levels. Now depending on your work and the industry you’re attempting to thrive in you may require serviced offices London, but for a company with diverse interests from design to full race car testing, you may need something like the McClaren Technology Centre. Located in the heart of Surrey, the semi circular glass based offices house around 1000 employees and was nominated for the Stirling award in 2005 for outstanding architectural office design.

Outstanding Office Design

If you’re into design and engineering, you won’t likely find a more amazing place in the world to ply your trade day in and day out. The building bases its practices around using the environment to provide necessary temperature control through using lakes in the area for cooling the operations base. The 5 lakes house the water that is consistently pumped throughout the building to create a natural cooling effect to combat the heat created through the wind tunnels used for testing the latest in automotive technology. The design for the building was orchestrated by Norman Foster, of Foster and Partners, after being requested by McClaren head, Ron Dennis, to create a facility that would not only house all the professionals employed by the motoring giant, but also to attract new talent to the company.

Catered Crew Quarters

While serviced offices Uxbridge cater for all the regular needs of a thriving business in an urban environment, the McClaren Technology Centre has special needs, so the 700 seater dining area, an amazing long swimming pool, full stocked fitness centre and  a juice and coffee bar able to serve some of the best espresso in the world. The building not only houses the full assortment that makes up one of the world’s top formula one motor racing teams, but also the best of the industry to design the passenger vehicles seen at the top of the international market. The 145m wind tunnel circuit houses some of the most technologically advanced technology to bring out optimal results from testing for competitive racing and luxury sedans alike. The project is estimated to have cost 300 million pounds in office design, but the productivity achieved by staff working in optimal conditions is showcased in every vehicle produced by one of the world’s leading automotive companies.


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