Google’s Self Drive Car

Google’s Self Drive Car

(Google Autonomous Technology)


The plan of building cars that go beyond the capabilities of human-piloted vehicles to be much safer and more efficient has been the ground plan for Google thus, they’ve contrived the “Google Driveless Car” back in 2010. The project targets to develop a new breed of Autonomous Car Technology, to be accomplished by 15 Google Engineers and a team from Standord, Led by Sebastian Thrun, Google Engineer and co-inventor of Google Street View.

Google Driverless Car

Currently, Google is nearing the finish line as the company announced that the Self-Driving car have now logged a 300,000 miles drive and “there hasn’t been a single accident under computer control” but not yet perfect. For now, all Self-Drive Cars of Google are manned by 2 pilots for analysis and for Safety.

Car Overview

Google Cars gather geographical information and base target locations from Google Street View with the help of a software.  It uses Cameras, Radar and Range Finders to detect car positioning, drive and Route and quite a few car brands have been the canvass for the test, like the Toyota Prius, Audi TT, and Lexus RX450h


Even though Google has been successful with the project they don’t have any plans to produce it publicly and start a business out of it rather, they plan to market the project with only the system and the data behind it to Big Automobile Manufacturers as like what the did with the popular Mobile O.S (Android).

Many are being Optimistic that within the decade Smart Cars will be available publicly, In fact, Las Vegas proposed a bill last year (2011) for the operation of driveless cars in Nevada. Where Google as well tries to Lobby the car law in all States of America. For now, Only Nevada approved by the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles issued the a license for a self driven car.

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