Google Panda: How It Affects Your SEO Practices


Google has finally released Panda Update 2.2 and there are loads of casualties along the way. According to Google, the new update is designed to identify and eradicate scraper blogs and e-commerce sites. As a result of the changes, majorities of site owners are trying to find out which components of the current SEO practices have been affected and what they can do in order to minimize the impact. In this article, we discuss into detail how Google Panda Update functions and how it has affected SEO practices which for a long time were regarded as norm.

What Is Google Panda Update?

Google Panda Update is also commonly referred to as Farmer. It was formally released by Google, the world’s biggest search engine in March, 2011. On its release, the update reshuffled thousands of search results pushing hundreds of sites that were initially ranked high by Google to the bottom, while at the same time elevating sites which for a long time had struggled to be ranked highly by Google to the top.

These changes sparked a lot of anger and concern amongst site owners who thought that changes in Google algorithm were unfair. Since its release, Google has released a number of other updates and site owners are trying to see what they can do so as to regain their ranking.

Google Panda History

To understand how Google Panda functions, you need to first of all learn a little bit about its history. As a means of improving its services, Google hired a computer engineer called Navneet Panda who was charged with making changes to the search engine in order to make it more effective and competitive. After months of research and hard work, Panda alongside other employees came up with the Panda Update which aimed to eliminate poorly structured website.

How Google Panda Works

The initial concept was that quality assurers find out from online users what they wanted from the world’s largest search engine. Thousands of people were interviewed including some of the leading industry players that rely on Google for their works. The following are some of the questions that were asked that eventually led to Google Panda Update:

–          Would you trust most of the sites returned by Google search engine with your credit/debit card?

–          Would you rely on the health information provided by sites returned by Google search engine?

–          Are the structures of the sites returned by Google search engine result of high-quality?

There are so many questions that were asked that eventually led back to the credibility, reliability and quality of sites that were returned by Google. It is this information that was used to review the algorithm used by Google so as to ensure that the search results were credible.

Consequently, Google Panda Update has affected SEO. This in turn means that, SEO experts have to review their habits and tactics. What this means is that, you have to think broadly when doing keyword research, building site content and getting quality backlinks.



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