Google Expands Its Reach

If you think your only interaction with Google is by using the company’s powerful search engine to look up information and find websites, you should know that search is only one aspect of the growing Google empire. Google now offers services that help you send messages, upload videos and work with collaborative online documents.

Workers at Google are allowed and even encouraged to devote up to 20 percent of their work time to any project that strikes their fancy. Such freedom has led to Google services such as Gmail, the free email program, as well as the Google Earth imaging program and Google Docs for sharing spreadsheets and other documents. Google also owns YouTube, further extending its reach into the world of digital entertainment and information.

Google’s founders are interested in advancing science, which has led them to fund research into clean energy projects, such as wind farm technology. To help users get better access to the Internet, Google is rolling out fiber optic connections in a citywide broadband experiment in Kansas City, Kansas.