Google Advance Security Implies People Need to Use Their Brain

Easy To Hack In to Your Account:

In the modern era of Facebook, hacking into users’ email accounts is on the finger tips of the hacker’s clique. Breaking into people’s email, social networking pages, and financial accounts by claiming to have forgotten the password and then figuring out the answers to the security questions has already been learned by many fugitive hackers. To figure out “the city where you were born”, “what is your favorite movie”, and even “what is your address, phone number” is not challenging at all, let’s face it,  as a matter of fact that is how privacy intruders break into the email accounts and leak out your personal information over the internet. Secret question security does not last anymore in this age of ‘here today, gone tomorrow’.

Two-Step Free Security Service:

Google offers a free security option for Gmail, “two-step verification” adds an extra layer of security to your Google Account. By turning this feature on, Google will send a code via text on your phone before you log in to your account from a new device or computer which you have to enter at the time you are logging in. So no matter if someone from any part of the city in the world gets access to your password, they won’t be able to log into your account unless they steal your phone… or your ex-girlfriend gets through your phone. The only inconvenience then to log in for you would be the absence of your own phone. So do not forget 3 things before you leave your house: 1. Wallet 2. Keys and 3.Cell phone.

Hacking & Defaming Due To Some Mistakes:

Hackers are also known as virtual defamers. There must be a lot of stories being circulated within your social circle of friends. Leaking out personal information, uploading personal pictures on to porn sites, messing up with your profile, stealing meaningful and useful information regarding your finances, etc are all part of the nightmare. And yes even porn stars can do it, so no do not trust the pretty girls on the internet adding you on Facebook or Google. Try not to click on anonymous emails and links posted on your Facebook either, no matter how tempting. Avoid giving out your personal information to your cyber friends or people who are in illegal activities. Observe your close friends’ conversation over the internet since most hackers penetrate within your close friend’s accounts to get their information. Find acknowledgement that you’re talking and sharing information with the right person on the internet.

Use Your Brain:

It’s not rocket science. It’s not difficult or very complicated to keep precautions to avoid hackers from getting into your account. Keep your eyes open and try to observe any unusual activity that takes place in your account or Facebook before someone else (a hacker) virals it for you.


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