Goal Setting made all ‘TECH’ for you!

Whoever you talk to you nowadays, whether it’s a family member, co-worker, or a complete stranger, that individual is most likely to have life goals.  Now some people have short-term life goals such as dropping 5 pounds in a month or seeing your favorite concert next weekend.  However, most people have long-term life goals like living a healthy lifestyle, having a career they’re happy with or traveling the world.

The biggest challenge we face while achieving our goals is that we don’t start with the first step that is writing them down.  Studies show that if you write your goals down, the chances of you actually achieving them will increase dramatically.

In today’s age technology is everything, and it seems like there are mobile applications for just about anything, even goal settings.

The following apps are sure to help you in achieving your life goals.  They offer great features and a large community of like-minded individuals.

1. Coach.me


This is a well-established app with a large like-minded community.   No matter your life goal, there’s a coach at Coach.me to help you be successful in achieving your goal.  Because of its large community, aside from the coaches, there are plenty of like-minded individuals and experts that you can work one-on-one with to better help you achieve your goals.

2. Linkagoal


Linkagoal is the world’s only Goal Based Social Network.  It’s rapidly growing with a large global community of goal-minded individuals.  Linkagoal focuses on four very important features: Create, Link, Contribute and Achieve.  Linkagoal is social network with a purpose that offers goal-oriented individuals the perfect platform to write their goal and receive contributions from a global audience.

3. Any.do


Any.do is the perfect app for those goal setters who love to keep a to-do list of all their goals and activities.  With features like a daily planner, list management, reminders and being able to sync across all devices.  Any.do is an award-winning app with a clean and easy to use design that will surely find its way onto your smart phone.

You now have a list of great apps that are specifically developed to help you achieve your life goals.   What’s next?  Download the apps and start with step one, write you goals down!  You may not realize but your chances of actually achieving the goals you set for yourself just skyrocketed, way to go!