Get Your Corporate Presence Felt on LinkedIn

LinkedIn functions more as a page for networking catering to professionals but is now a major tool for recruitment. This is why it is important for its users to fill out their information as best they can and this applies to company pages as well. Organizations use LinkedIn to find their next employee and to expand their online presence but some company pages just stand out more than others. Here are a few pointers on how to best improve your company’s LinkedIn page and make its presence felt.

Keep your company page up-to-date
The first thing the visitors of your page will see is the front page, which makes it important that the information there is accurate. Other departments of the company have done their fair share in terms of creating relationships with potential customers and associates but they can easily be derailed when these prospects visit your page and see one full of defunct information. Aside from keeping the information fresh, make sure the design is simple and professional. RingCentral’s LinkedIn page is fairly straightforward, decked out with a photo of the company’s logo. This helps for easy recognition. If your organization undergoes an overhaul, change the page accordingly.

Keep track of competitors’ pages and where they stand
You will most likely be aware of the rankings of your own company page but this information will not be of much use unless you know where your competitors are. Take a look at their pages and take note of what their buzzwords are. Make good use of LinkedIn’s suggestions for viewing as well. A good sign of your company page’s visibility is if it shows up on the suggestions.

Evaluate your roster of employees
If the number of employees in your organization is still manageable for manual review, take the time to look at their LinkedIn profiles. Comb through their skills, expertise, as well as job titles. After all, your company name will be directly associated with their profiles so it would be best to keep an eye out on the information they provide. As much as possible, get each and every employee to be linked to the company page since it makes your company looks better in terms of size and accomplishment.

If you have employment opportunities, post them
As this article is being written, there are currently 8 job openings posted on RingCentral’s LinkedIn company page. This is a good indicator of the company’s growth as it signifies that there are changes going on. Along with posting updates regularly, posting job openings on your company page tells your online audience that the company is active and on the rise. You might even get the opportunity to find your company’s newest superstar even if there is no urgent requirement.