Get Your Business Noticed On Social Media

Some companies that can afford to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars go on and do just that, but with some creativity, you can get the same results without spending the same amount of money. Here are a few suggestions to help your business get noticed on social media without breaking the bank.

Give your social media connections a reason to follow you. Offer them incentives as a way of saying thank you for their engagement. This will allow you to retain existing followers while attracting new ones. Combine rewards with quality content and more people will notice your business. “In social media, it is easy to attract a consumer to join a campaign (e.g. ‘like’ a Facebook group or follow a Twitter stream). However, it is much harder to get a consumer to actually engage with the campaign and remain connected. The consumer needs to see that there is value with theengagement in order for them to continue to follow the execution and becoming more invested in the campaign. Choose your post wisely so it does not backfire on your brand, always try to post something that will trigger the user to get engage itself in the discussion and generate their interest.” (Syed Noman Ali, Social Media Today)

Hand holding a Social Media 3d Sphere

  • Keep your profile photos and avatars up to date. All your social media accounts should have a uniform picture and if you change one, you must change them all. Keep your photo relevant to holidays, seasons, and events that affect your business while making sure you will still be easily recognized.
  • Post updates regularly and consistently. If your content is good, people will look forward for new posts when they log in to their social media accounts. If you do not regularly update your posts, you may be seen as a stagnant page and that could warrant you to lose followers.
  • Recognize your audience and come up with ways to target them. Social media is a cost-effective yet very powerful way to find and attract your audience. By setting up a page and closing in on fans of similar brands, you can get an idea of what will work. “It isn’t about creating more noise, but about knowing your audience. “You really need to send out content-specific material that customers can particularly relate to in order to create communication,” (David) Smith said. “Work out where your traffic comes from and capitalize on that.”” (
  • Try to shake things up and inject creativity into your social media efforts. Some methods can be much more effective than others and you never know, you might even be able to do a free plug for your 800 number. “Actor Isaiah Mustafa reprised his role as the Old Spice guy in a made-for-web social media blitz that involved more than 180 hilarious YouTube videos — each with a homemade feel — directed at Twitterers, bloggers, celebrities and your everyday Joe Schmoes. Skeptics could have easily written off the campaign as nothing but an agency-produced, brand-removed campaign, but history tells a different story. Wieden + Kennedy were able to craft an Emmy award-winning campaign that was almost universally loved.” (Jennier Van Grove,
  • You should work with others. Do not make your content all about you. Try to create posts that can include other companies or individuals so they find it worth sharing to their audience and increase your chances of getting more people aware of your business.