Articles are becoming quite multipurpose as the time progresses.  Although they were used only in news papers and magazines widely to produce knowledge or just a discussion on a topic that evolves quite a lot at that particular time. Now businesses have taken it to a whole new level, they depend a lot on promoting their business their services and tell people that what they are capable of. In order to do this they need people who should read their articles provide them the feedback and comments.

The Article Commenting Phenomenon

Comments are important for articles to make business more common and popular which is quite resonant to the TRP of a television show. Readers must get impressed with what information you have provided to them as they read your article. After reading the very first few lines reader should get diffused into what you have written. The more you carry them away with your words more will get commented.

Sometimes comments could lead to disasters as well. You might fail to impress the audience in a way that they go against your ideas which is not right for you.

Getting More Comments

There are several ways, tips, suggestions that could really turn out to be helpful for you when you write an article to create an impulse of certain level that they urge to read and comment on your thoughts. Here are some of the tips discussed that might help you get more reviews.

  • The title should be revealing, fresh, pep and catchy. Now you might get carried away that how could all these fit in one title. Think out of the box here, try and give it a name that has double meanings or has a humor element in it.
  • Secondly, you should always write exactly what you have built up in the intro paragraph. You should not deviate and exaggerate overly so that it becomes a hard pill to digest in the end.
  • Make sure that the content in the body is composed to only one aspect relative to your topic of discussion so that the readers remain intact.
  • Write in simple words that are easy to understand. Remember reader is not sitting in a literature class where he will be having dictionary.
  • Moreover in the last make sure the ending is gripping and holds the momentum till the end. It should be conclusive and leave the reader with a clear idea about what you are trying to explain.
  • Make sure that you look at all the aspects that are, think like a reader and then write. If your writing is gripping there is no way that the reader will hesitate to leave a comment.

Create Controversy

The most popular blogs on the Internet provide valuable information, thus making it comment worthy. Another great way to get more comments on your blog is to post highly controversial content. After you introduce the controversy, let people create the debate.

Reply to your comments and show readers that you care about their opinion. Never auto publish all comments without moderation. It is important to maintain quality of your comments. Have a clear policy and let people know about the benefits of commenting on your website or blog. Make people feel good about their contribution and welcome divergent opinions. Write original posts based on the feedback your visitors have left.


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