Get the Most out of Your Business Facebook Page

If you don’t have a Facebook page for your business, cause or even non-profit organization, you are certainly missing out on the hottest marketing today. Time and time again, Facebook is proven successful in increasing business and raising awareness. This social platform gives you the opportunity to connect with an endless number of people for free.

Although today it seems as though nearly everyone has at least one Facebook page (some have several), very few people are using this valuable resource to its fullest potential. Like anything else, people respond to appearance; you need to make your page read-worthy. You literally have seconds where someone looks at your page and makes the decision to either join or like the page or decide to move on.

Spend Time on Your Profile

If you don’t care enough to spend a little time customizing your profile page, why should anyone else care to find out what you’re all about? The only way you can build a rapport with your potential page supporters is to update your personal information; this will also help you to target the market that is most beneficial to you.

Location, Location, Location

How is anyone supposed to be interested in visiting your business or using your services if they have to guess at where you are or take the time to ask? Keep in mind, Facebook browsers are traditionally fast, they will bounce off a page in seconds if something doesn’t jump out at them, so give them a reason to stay.

Activating a page map makes you more realistic and respectable. Anyone can say that they are a trendy martini bar in SoHo but if you actually have a map visible with your location, people tend to take notice.

Give them Something to Look At

Many readers have no desire to read your mission statement or goals but nearly all will take a few minutes to look through some pictures or watch a video. Upload photos of your business, products, even throw your dog in there to make you appear more human. You have the ability to write a caption with each picture, take advantage of this! You could put contact details, hours, ordering instructions or your website address; never overlook the opportunity to provide this information.

Static FBML Activation

This is without a doubt one of the most valuable applications that Facebook offers. Static FBMLs allows you to customize the tabs found on your profile page and add new applications in Java Script, Facebook, HTML and CSS. You can even create interactive pages and it’s not nearly as hard as you may think.

Promote Events

If you are having any special events, fundraisers, sales, etc., you can promote them by using Eventrite. This application publishes your events to your page so it shows up in your newsfeed. All of your friends see it as well as those who stop by to view your page.

Keep Networking

Don’t stop with only your Facebook page! Make sure that people can also connect with you on Twitter and Linkedln through your pages. The more connected you are, the more your message gets across. Keep in mind that if you post valuable information on your Facebook page, there’s still a good chance of it being missed. Now, if you post it on several different platforms, you have a better chance that it will be seen on at least one of them.


Thanks for reading. This post has been provided to us by Neil, head of marketing for eMobileScan.  A company that is fully online in many countries throughout Europe. Their aim is to provide their customer base with efficient ways of increasing productivity and lowering costs. They do this through the use of industry leading products life the Motorola ES400 and DS4208