Get Free Online Connectivity When on Business Trips

The laptop has since been “retired” to fulfill workstation duties when you decommissioned the phased out desktop PC years ago. With the kind of work you do now that you’ve gone mobile and decided to step out of the confines of an air-conditioned office, it would be vital for you to know how to get Wi-Fi access anywhere you go.

Of course, Wi-Fi access can be found in many places where Internet service providers can offer businesses and end users the online access they need to accomplish tasks. However, such services are usually accompanied by a certain amount of fees you need to pay to avail of them. This could prove impractical for the traveling business owner, mobile employee or road-bound career pro who all hop from one location to another for limited periods of time only. It would be more practical for you to know one other important thing about Wi-Fi access in places you visit locally or abroad: Where to get free Wi-Fi!

A visit to any city will reveal to you particular places where Wi-Fi access is provided for free either as a promotional come-on or as a business necessity in certain districts. Be aware of such Wi-Fi zones to make your mobile devices serve you well reliably and consistently. It would also be helpful to know about free Wi-Fi promos that service providers offer within certain periods so you may avail of them when you’re around such promo area jurisdictions. The following places described below are the usual work commuter and telecommuter hubs found in many cities worldwide:


  • European railway stations. It is not unusual to find many European railway stations to have free Wi-Fi available. There are a lot of European work commuters who cross trans-European borders on a daily basis as part of their daily work grind. Internet connection speeds in railway stations are of serviceable speed and you can rely on the connectivity that the free Wi-Fi in such areas can offer your mobile devices.
  • Airports. Lobbies and passenger waiting areas are usually fitted with Wi-Fi access features in most international airports where shops in such locations offer them for free once you make purchases of certain items. Mobile workers can find this helpful in keeping pace with the telecom and online correspondence they need to do while awaiting boarding for scheduled flights, flight transfers or connecting flights. Online paperwork can also be facilitated through such free Wi-Fi access area conveniences.
  • Hotels. Rooms in hotels usually come with Wi-Fi access as an add-on. In most cases where traveling business people need to adhere to company budgets, there are hotel room rates that prove to be cost-efficient owing to this add-on. In many instances, you will find that the lower the room rates are the more free Internet you get.
  • Exhibition/trade show areas and museums. Since exhibition and trade show areas are actually busy retail areas, it is but expected to have wifi access working for it. You can make good use of the free access while you’re there to max out on whatever entrance fee you have paid to get in. After all, you are in attendance of such shows primarily to do business. Museums on the other hand, usually have free wifi access since that has already been factored in the entrance fee you pay to get in.
  • Wi-Fi promo areas. Fastfood chains, coffee shops, mall Wi-Fi zones and Wi-Fi districts offer free Wi-Fi access as a promotional come-on to help make business more profitable by attracting work commuters, mobile employees and telecommuters to patronize their establishments. Internet service providers may sometimes offer free access for certain periods of time in what they dub as “wifi hotspots” as part of ongoing marketing efforts. Knowing about such promos help you get Wi-Fi access for free when on business trips.