Get a Job With These Smartphone Applications


Approximately four children are born every second. Do you know what this means? It means that there is a need to put up more classrooms every year. It means that more resources are needed in order that every home has food and water. It means that when you graduate from college, you will have to be on your toes and crawl your way up to the corporate ladder. You will not only be competing with your fellow graduates but also with the people who just decided that they needed a change in their career. You can still get ahead. You just need to upgrade your skills and build a worthy resume. Aside from this, you can also make use of your Smartphone or tablet to be on top of the others. Here are some Smartphone applications that could help you find the perfect job for you.


LinkedIn is a popular social media website mostly used by professional and business entities.  This has grown to include millions of users. Some of the business entities are not just making use of their LinkedIn accounts to promote their business. They are also making use of this when looking for the right people to fill in job positions in their companies. The best thing about having a LinkedIn account is that you become searchable online. When applying for a job, most businesses now will do a background check regarding the employee and this includes your connections online. Of course, you need to update your profile to best display your capabilities. You can also get in touch with the right people so that you learn from their expertise. With LinkedIn, you will never run out of professionals that you can emulate.

Job Compass

Job hunting can be a very tiring task. People would usually scourge the newspaper classified ads for the latest job listings but many companies opt to use other forms of advertising when announcing job hiring in their business. It is very common for people to go from one company to another with more than one copy of their resume printed because you will never know if you will be lucky enough to get a job from one of the nearby companies located within the area where you are really applying to. Instead of doing this, you can use Job Compass instead. This will make use of the current location of your Android or iPhone and will alert you of companies nearby with job hiring.

Monster Jobs

The website is one of the most popular job hunting sites around. Create an account and you can easily access this using your Smartphone with the Monster Jobs application. This can either be used by an iOS or an Android device. Companies also post job listings in this website. You no longer have to wait in line if you want a company to schedule you for an interview. You can now send your cover letter together with your resumé even with the use of your Smartphone. Since job alerts can come at any time of the day through your email, you will easily be able to call the company’s number through your mobile service provider or VoIP like RingCentral to clarify if the job has already been filled out.

Find Career Interests

Sometimes, job seekers are often left in the dark as to what career path they should be taking. Find Career Interests application will help you narrow down your interests. If you have more than one skill developed and you find it difficult to find a job because you do not know which of these would give you a better career, the quiz given by the application will help you narrow down your choices. This will later match you to different career options that are relevant to your interests.