Gaming Firsts

Each year, we see a list of the most anticipated game releases and by year end, a list of the top-performing games. To venture out of the norm, let us look at some of the games that contributed “firsts” to gaming history. With today’s generation of different gaming platforms, it is really nice reminiscing over some of the imaginary worlds that made us leave reality for a few moments. After all, there will always be times when we need to take a breather and just forget about the business phone lines, board meetings or reports that need to be done. Let us take a trip down memory lane of the games that boosted phone and tablet sales and made software companies even richer.


pvzPlants Vs. Zombies

First released on 5 May 2009, this tower defense action game from PopCap has versions for iOS, Android, XBox, Nintendo DS, and Blackberry. Game Director George Fan wanted to balance grittiness with “sickeningly cute”, getting inspirations from predecessor Insaniquarium, and also from tower defense mods of Warcraft III. There are also game elements inspired by the card game Magic: The Gathering. Plants vs Zombies pioneered in being a success as a multi-platform game and as a benchmark for the tower defense genre.



Final Fantasy IV

This Square Enix RPG was the first in its series to revolutionize the genre into an immersible narrative adventure. It is considered to be one of the first role playing games to feature a complex, involving plot, and is thought to have pioneered the idea of dramatic storytelling in an RPG. Being the classic that it already is, the feeling of nostalgia becomes even stronger and attractive as it gets ported over to the iOS and soon, over to Android devices. According to a TouchArcade review, the new remake is a “must-have for any RPG aficionados”. The game that introduced an Active Time Battle (ATB) system has been vastly improved with most parts from its DS predecessor, with better visuals, exquisitely upgraded musical scoring, and added features to boot. The game’s new platform home will surely reach more classic lovers and “new-gen” players alike.




As one of the leaders in online social gaming, features a wide array of different games that are simple yet very engaging. They are the forerunners of popularizing casino games and turning them to online entertainment available to almost anyone. To add to the entertainment, playing the various games will give you the opportunity to win cash. You can choose to play familiar social games like poker, roulette, blackjack and, different themed slot machine games. You even get to earn real money playing the very well-known board game, Monopoly, which was made available online and interactively. The card games can even serve as your warm-up runs so that when you do take interest in competing in casinos or live tournaments, you already know the feel of the game and have the possibility of turning yourself into a professional card game specialist. The game is available online and can be downloaded to your desktop as a console hub so you can access all the games in just one place.



Heroes of Order & Chaos

It is the first of its kind and is already raking in rave reviews. It is the first Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) for mobile devices. As a pioneer, it has greatly staked its claim as an initiator of trends in the gaming world. Heroes of Order & Chaos, according to RTSGuru, “is one hell of an achievement, that despite its flaws, stands up pretty well as the first true MOBA on the iPad and Android platforms.”