Learn to Fix the High Disk Usage Caused by Tiworker.exe in Windows 10 OS


In search of a solution to fix the issue caused by the Tiworker.exe in Windows 10? Well, Then you have landed on the right site. Please go through the following blog, As we discuss the solution in brief for the same as follows.

The Tiworker(Windows Module installer worker) is process from the Windows Update feature. It is initiated everytime the system is turned on or restarted. At most this process runs as a background process and it initiates properly when the system checks for new updates. It frees the space automatically when the system update is completed.

It has been observed that most of the users start to complain about the high disk usage issue by the Tiworker.exe in Windows 10 after the system update is done.

Solution to High Disk Usage Caused by Tiworker.exe in Windows 10

For the reference & help the users, I have illustrated a manual method for fixing the problem. So, lets get started with the same process:

– RUN the Windows Update Toolbar

1. Go to the Settings app-> Update & Security -> Troubleshoot.

2. On the right hand side, Run the Windows Update troubleshooter.

Now, You can simply go as per the troubleshooter and then check that whether it has fixed the high disk usage problem in your Windows 10 OS.

– Delete the Software Description Problem

1. Firstly on the start menu search for the services app the app will appear as follows and then click on it.

2. Now, On the Windows Update service screen. Right-click and then on the prompt menu click on the Properties.

3. On this menu change the Startup type from Automatic to Manual.

4. After this task stop the Windows update service.

5. Now, Go for the location C:\Windows\SoftwareDistributionfolder & rename the folder to SoftwareDistribution.old.

This Will Fix the issue of high disk usage caused by the tiworker.exe in your Windows 10 OS. If the problem still persists, You can go for the following alternate method.

->Fix Corrupted System files and Services using SFC tool

– Started the Elevated CMD window and type sfc/sparrow and hit “Enter”.

Wait until the process is completed and then restart the system.

Note: Keep your system idle while the process is executing.

-> FIX Windows Corruption Errors using DSIM Tool


This process may take time as the DSIM is preparing the components. While the process is being executed, It will notify that component with corruption was repaired.


In this informative post we have specified the troubleshooting measures for the error High-Disk-Usage due to Tiworker.exe in Windows 10 Operating System.

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