Five Tips for Choosing a High Speed Internet Provider

It’s not hard to find the right high speed Internet provider for your home or business. Just like any other major internet providerpurchase, you should know what to look for as you weigh the options from each provider. These five tips will set you in the right direction so you know how to choose a high speed internet provider that will best suit you.

You’re in Charge of Your Internet Plan

Most people believe that choosing an Internet plan is a lot like ordering from a menu. They think that Internet packages include a standard set of features without any deviation. However, this is far from the case. Knowing what you need from an Internet plan goes a long way in helping you narrow down options that cater to your specific uses. Different plans will please different customers. You call the shots when it comes to determining the features that will make the most out of your Internet service plan and your service experience.

Choosing a Connection Type

There are several different Internet connection types to choose from. While they all connect you directly to the World Wide Web, selecting a connection that streamlines your Internet uses improves your experience. Internet connections also determine the speed at which you can upload and download files. The two major connection types are dial-up, which uses existing phone lines to connect computers, and broadband, which usually runs through cable or satellite connections. Broadband connections are typically the fastest, and only the occasional Internet user may require dial-up. Determine how fast you want to surf before you shop.

Location, Location, Location

This old business adage has some weight when it comes to high speed Internet plans. If you’ve already selected a suitable connection type, the next step is to see if it is offered locally. Town and city dwellers won’t have to worry about this issue as much as their rural neighbors might. Sparsely populated areas might be out range for some speedy connections to work properly, while others will be limited to only dial-up or satellite broadband. In other cases, small areas might only be serviced by a major service provider, limiting your plan options even more.

The Need for Speed

You know that an Internet connection type can affect upload and download speed, and if you already know how fast you need to surf the Web, you’re a step ahead. There are several uncontrollable factors that negatively affect your Internet speed, but choosing a slow plan does not need to be one of them. If you download and upload files frequently, or share your home network with several family members, you will need to choose a plan that offers a higher bandwidth rate. Knowing how much speed you need will reduce traffic jams and slow connections.

Consider Your Mobility

If you’ve got a smart phone, then you know you can access the Internet from nearly anywhere that offers Wifi. Some high speed Internet providers offer on-the-go packages that use the same technology smart phones do to connect to the Internet. These packages are useful for the frequent traveler or someone whose work requires them to have Internet access through a computer at a moment’s notice. Smart phones are capable of connecting other devices around them to the Web, and these packages are widely available through most major cell phone providers as additions to current phone plans.

If you’re in the market for a new high speed Internet provider, considering these five tips will bring you the best plan for the best price, and save you money. Knowing ahead of time what you need makes all of this possible, and keeps you happily connected to the Web.


Dee is an office manager and is also responsible for maintaining financial records at her company. She does freelance writing/blogging on the side and enjoys ghost writing as well.