Five Apps for Home Renovators

More people are interested in developing their personal relaxation nest at home. Because of the desire to make home like a world-renowned spa, theater, or hotel, home renovations are becoming more prevalent in the new year. As a home renovator, it helps to have some help with home renovation design. Mobile device applications can help accomplish this goal. When assistance is needed, consider these five home renovation applications:

1. Houzz

Houzz features over 70,000 landscape and home photographs. For ideas for the home and garden, this application is the one to choose. The best part about this application is that users can mark their favourites and save them in the application. Retrieval is easy with Houzz, and the pictures maintain high resolution. Everyone, from the architect to the designer, uses this application to create their designs. This application is one of the best available.

2. Remodelista

Remodelista can be sorted and browsed by category. This nifty application includes bookmarking mechanisms to store and manage favorite posts. Remodelista helps renovators develop a vision that can be implemented in a fraction of the time. The Lite version of the application is free, but the ad-free version is $2.99.

3. Pantone

Color selection is important to renovators, and Pantone knows color. When a color or hue needs to be communicated, Pantone can help. For three years, this application has been helping renovators create color palettes. There are over 13,000 Pantone colors available. The cost is only $9.99, but the application offers significant functionality.

4. Dream Home

Dream Home helps renovators generate ideas for interior design. The application helps with decorating challenges. Hundreds of photographs of various rooms and styles are featured in this user-friendly application. The photographs can be filtered based on style, room type and colour. New photographs are always added daily and weekly to help renovators gain new insight and inspiration. These photographs can also be viewed offline after the updates are retrieved from the Internet.

5. Decomash

Decomash helps people find artwork for their living space. This application requires a photo of a living space, and a match will be found from this location. The matches can be found in a few seconds. Artwork can be chosen that will tie two rooms together by common elements. The artwork can be matched with furniture and other room elements. This is accomplished by using advanced algorithms and a visual search engine. Artwork can also be sorted by a renovator’s budget.

Five Apps for Home Renovators

These five apps for home renovators can make a true difference. When people are ready to renovate, applications make the job easier. Simply go online to download the applications and let the applications provide the inspiration necessary to renovate the interior and exterior of the home. These five applications and others will provide the assistance necessary to create a stellar room.


Jenny, from the Gold Coast in Australia, is a New Home Designer and lover of all things DIY. She has found these apps to be very helpful when planning for home renovations. She has recently moved into a new house and says that if you are currently in the market yourself, you should take a look at Ausbuild at Maddison Estate on the Gold Coast.