Facebook Timeline Available for All Now!

Facebook has announced earlier mid of this year that they are going to roll out the new feature by name of “Facebook Timeline”.  After some months of slow updating and development in this new feature function, Facebook has at last make this option available for every user of Facebook.

This snazzy new interface of Facebook users profile will enable everyone to see their activities from very first day of start of Facebook, you can get Facebook Timeline feature right now but in first stage, Facebook giving their users 7 days to adjust their appearance and activities before it goes live to the public.

Privacy is first thing that comes in the mind after activating this feature of Facebook Timeline. Below are the few concerning point that every user needs to know before activating this new feature.


  • How to Brows Facebook Timeline?

The first thing you will notice when you visit this new interface that the Timeline of your activities over Facebook is appearing from newest at the top to the oldest at bottom. If you scroll down, you will see your previous year’s activities will appear automatically.


Similarly you can jump from one year to another year by the years option appearing at the sidebar of Timeline.


  • How to change Appearance of your Timeline?

Change Cover – The first thing you will want to change is the cover of your profile, there are 2 pictures appearing, one the profile picture and the other one is cover, profile picture would remain the same that you are using for Facebook profile while as the cover picture can be change the way you want by clicking on “Change Cover” or “Add cover” option.

You can also modify a new status update, photos, or place, and you can read all of your walls posts just by scrolling down the timeline and adjust the way you want.


  • How to Privatize your Old Posts?

One of the biggest concerning features of the Timeline is that you can see every post that you have ever made or received on Facebook, all you have to do is to go to the certain year that you want to see by clicking “All Posts” button. For the most of us the post that have been posted on your wall in early age of Facebook which could be negative or embossing and never want to be published to anyone and should be eliminated or hide in new age, these post would be still appearing in this feature.


There is no option to hide your all of your paste posts at once but still you can hide of delete these posts by clicking on pencil icon appearing at right edge of posts.


Your all post will be treated as you set from Facebook Privacy option; again this feature is not perfect in term of privacy since your all past post would still remain visible to everyone unless you don’t hide them now by going through all one by one. Remember you have 7 days before you making this feature live to the public so the ideal would be to make your all post analyze and making them the way you want.


Watch Video introduction of Facebook Timeline Here now —> Introducing Facebook Timeline