Facebook: A Catalyst for Changing the World

Facebook-MarketingQuite a few great successes have been a result of experimental undertakings and “Facebook” is one such success. From its launch in 2004 as university specific idea, to its global IPO in 2012, “Facebook” has been resilient in carving its impact on the world at large. It has helped build fortunes, conjure revolutions and brought people closer. With its entire boon to be noted, “Facebook” has also had a tremendous negative impact on the world along with the several benefits.

Micro Life and Facebook

It is amazing to compare the change that has occurred in individuals’ lives since the advent of this social website “Facebook”. It is as if, this website is nucleus to our existence; it was not the case before the year 2004. People, old or young, equally involve themselves with this social website. Whether they want to know latest update on one’s life, whether they want to gossip or just divert their minds, all they do is log in to “Facebook” at least once in a day. Businesses are not behind in presenting themselves on “Facebook” as well. They market their products here as well.

Macro Life and Facebook

All the Arab spring and the current bloody war in Syria have felt impact from “Facebook”. Throughout the Arab spring, the website was used as medium to rally people, voice freedom and warn fellow citizens. Political parties carry out their campaigns and conduct polls to determine public mood, through “Facebook”. With a little research, you will be able to find people who exchanged brilliant ideas through pages on “Facebook” and come with new knowledge. This is more evident in the fields of art, literature and fashion. There have also been instances when virtuous acts such as donation collections for the destitute or afflicted.

Negatives Aspects of Facebook

Often times we overlook the negative impact of any such thing, which is surrounded by hype, brought about by masses. We must note that “Facebook” has resulted in holding back the youth most of the time on the chairs. This promotes unhealthy lifestyle, which contributes to obesity and bone problems. Furthermore, according to various well-founded researches, physical socialization has been found to be psychologically more advantageous. Issues have also been raised about letting children use the facility blatantly. Many parents argue that usage of “Facebook” creates more negatives for their children.

Unspoiled Potential

With a little tougher regulation on language and content, and support of sane individuals, “Facebook” has the potential to bring communities, races and nations closer to one another. Under this perspective, “Facebook” has often faced the blame of acting in a biased way. Therefore, to exploit this potential it is imperative that “Facebook” introduce some manner of equitability and justice, and develop active areas within its website where initiatives are promoted for dissolution of differences and hatred.

Undoubtedly, “Facebook” has created a monumental impact on the world. A lot of people agree that this website-cum-organization should be used responsibly, that is, less on capitalist lines and more on the basis of communal harmony.

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