Extraordinary Apps That Hint at Future Developments

The world 100 years ago is nothing like it is today. With the world changing so quickly, doesn’t it make you wonder what life will be like in another 50 or 100 years? Here are some apps that feel like they’re a little too advanced for our time.

Google Glass

Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin Sports the New Google Glasses at Dinner in the Dark, a Benefit for the Foundation Fighting Blindness -- San Francisco, CA
Image via Flickr by Thomas Hawk

Not really an app, this new invention is so much more than a phone. Google Glass definitely has a futuristic air about it. Rather than being a typical phone, these glasses completely augment reality by showing you information right in your frame of sight, as if your smartphone was in front of your face all the time. Within the earpiece can be found the memory, processor, microphone, camera, speaker, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi receiver, gyroscope, compass and battery. Though not available to consumers yet, it should be ready to buy sometime in 2014.

Turning Your House into a Smarthouse

Did you ever wish that you could turn up the heat without getting up? Have you ever left on vacation and worried that you left the oven on? The company SmartThings is developing apps for Android and Apple devices that connect with sensors and can control things in your home, including turning lights on and off, opening the door for you when you come near and locking when you leave, turning the temperature up and down, and texting you when certain actions happen, such as when a door opens. This is a great way to protect your home, office, or other location easily.

Connecting to Your Car

It’s not only houses that are getting upgrades. There are apps out available now that can connect to your car. With the app from Connect2Car, you can warm your car up on a cold winter’s day or cool it down in the heat of summer with just a tap of your phone. Other features including locking and unlocking the doors, shutting the car off, tracking your car through GPS, rolling windows up and down, and more. It’s compatible with any vehicle and all types of phones — including 4G cell phones; all you need to do is install the Connect2Car Anywhere System.

Monitoring Your Home

exacqVision Android app
Image via Flickr By exacq

Have you ever wondered how the babysitter acts when you’re out? Who really started the fight between your kids? If your teen is inviting her boyfriend over when you’re not home? You can find out with an app that lets you connect to any webcam in your home using your phone or computer. With Mobiscope, you can have it set to sense motion so that it automatically comes on when someone enters the room and can connect to multiple phones that you’ve place throughout your house.

What else might come in the future? Maybe a phone app that can monitor vital signs or perform x-rays. With technology changing so rapidly, it might just be possible.