Exclusive Features of Printers and Scanners

One of the most impressive innovations in the world of digital printing is most certainly the wide format printer. These printers have the ability to produce large prints. What is remarkable about this type of printer is that even when it produces such enormous prints, it never loses quality, accuracy or color. There are numerous ways in which a printer like this can be used when it is paired with a large format scanner.

Wide Format Printers

These printers are really unique. They are stuffed with specialized features. They are mostly seen being used in printing businesses. The printers have the capacity of producing prints having 17 to 100 inches of width. It depends on the model chosen by you. One can use them for various informational and advertising purposes such as creating attractive banners and signage for promotional purposes, engineering and architectural plans, attractive professional banners created specifically for parties and special events, material required for lectures, tri-fold brochures that are oversized, informational materials needed in educational settings etc.

Large Format Scanners

Along with these usages, the large format scanners come to great use when it is required to preserve records of some blueprints, newspapers, historical documents or delicate artwork and various other documents that cannot be accommodated in the standard size. When it is used along with a printer of high quality, it becomes quite easy to ensure proper enhancement and enlargement of specific details in the scanned documents. It also becomes quite easy to produce graphic art samples of full size.

Plotter Paper

Paper required for the large format printer, also called plotter paper, is available in rolls in order to ensure extreme compatibility. There are various types in which these papers are available. Basic paper like universal bond is designed for producing sharp resolution, line drawing and making prints of low costs. Some manufactures also offer the option of “instant dry glass photo paper”. As suggested by the name, it dries quickly and at the same time produce a finish that is extremely glossy. The prices of most of these papers are very reasonable. They provide with a wide range of options and it becomes easy to get done with some economic printing, be it for blueprints, posters, photos and other documents that are oversized.

There are synthetic films that are designed for various kinds of indoor and outdoor signs that can be availed for printers of wide format and they really last for a greater time period when compared to papers.

There are various types and sizes in which format scanners can be availed. They are fantastic for office use. They provide you with the best scanning results. You can get absolute clarity and the colors too are kept intact. These scanners surely compliment other products of wide format. The price range to vary from low to high depending o the model you choose. There are black and white as well as color scanners available. The former is less expensive than the latter.

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