Essential Apps for All Types of Smartphones

When smartphones became widely used, Smartphone companies have also started developing applications that can make the Smartphone experience better. More than that, applications or apps are created to make the phone more functional. Today, there are now hundreds of thousands of apps available in numerous app stores. Recently, Apple announced that its app store has already reached 50 million downloads. This is huge as it does not include downloads from Android, Blackberry and others. This is the reason why app development is becoming another booming sector that is being taken advantage of by smarphone companies.


Very clearly, Smartphone apps have also become very popular now. However, you should not haphazardly download and install apps on your phone. You should consider if an app is necessary or can address your needs. To help you out, below are some of the essential apps for all types of smartphones.

Layar Reality Browser

When you are in a new place or somewhere you are not familiar with, you can use to Layar Reality Browser app to locate apartments, public transit and restaurants. It is an augmented reality app that gives you information about these can be viewed from the camera of your Smartphone. Using the field of view of the camera, you can also see the latest tweets from your contacts. The app is offered free for Android and iPhone.


I guess everybody loves music. Today, there are now numerous apps that we can download to enjoy the genre of music that we like the most. However, for the hard-core music lover, the best music app could be MOG. For only $10 a month, the app allows you to download any song or album that you like. This is great as you can listen continuously to a lot of songs when there is already no more wireless coverage. Another best thing about it is that it collaborates with Pandora, another music app. The collaboration allows users to create radio stations that play only the specified genre or music artist. For example, you can have a radio station that plays only music from Aerosmith. The app is offered for free for both Android and iPhone while the service fee is $10 a month for all of your devices. For example, if you are using the through your Smartphone and tablet, you don’t have to pay twice.


Reading is one of the top hobbies if not activities that we do every day. There are people that love to read novels while there are those that read newspapers and magazines because it is part of their work. If you want to bring that latest book that you are reading anywhere, you can download and install the Kindle app on your device. It is a mobile app that allows you to preview on books which you may choose to buy later. The app is very clean and customizable. It allows you to have a preview of the first chapter. In this way, you can decide if you really want to buy the book. Moreover, the app also allows you to add highlights, notes and bookmarks. So, if you are a bibliophile, the app is great for you. It is offered for free for Android, Blackberry and iPhone.

With these apps, you can definitely enjoy using your Smartphone for the whole day anywhere you go.