Ensuring Customer Satisfaction through Good Business Telephone Manners

For online market sellers, customer service and support is largely based on emails. Product inquiries, shipping inquiries, products issues and returns are all made through email messaging. This has been a common practice to online sellers. There are times when email messages are misinterpreted; the best way to deal with issues and concerns arising from a transaction with your business is through a telephone. It is more personal and the issues are addressed quickly and more clearly.

The telephone skills of your employees who handle customer relations should be honed as they can make or break your business. They need to follow basic telephone etiquette including speaking clearly and in a modulated voice. They should also bear in mind that phone calls should be answered prior to the third ring. When answering, you should sound warm and enthusiastic; let the caller feel that you are happy to speak with them. Avoid using negative words such as don’t, not and the like. For example, rather than saying “I don’t know” say “Let me find out”. There are a few other basic things that should be embodied by employees who handle customer relations. Having good business telephone etiquette increases customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, return purchase and builds a good business image.

In most cases, the issues and concerns that arise from a transaction made with you are roughly the same. It is okay to have templates or scripts made for employees assigned to customer service. This serves as a cue or guide for your employees in speaking with consumers calling your phone. It is often frustrating for buyers who spent days contacting you and end up speaking with an employee who cannot articulate what he or she has to say very well. In such instances, a script or template will help your employees avoid not being able to articulate what he or she has to say. However, you need to make sure that the assigned staff is trained well in handling such customer relations issues.

Every interaction with a consumer is an opportunity to improve customer satisfaction and hopefully end up making another sale. The key to ensuring your customers are satisfied is by addressing their concerns in a timely manner. Acknowledge their sentiments and sympathize with them, at the same time, provide solutions at the earliest time possible.

Keep in mind that no matter how annoying a customer will get, you still have to be courteous and respectful to them. Create a system to evaluate the issues and concerns that are raised, at times steps can be taken by a business owner to prevent these from happening again. Addressing issues prior to occurring greatly increases customer satisfaction and high customer satisfaction translates to increased sales. Customer complaints should be taken constructively. Action must be taken when complaints are made. These are good evaluations of how your business is doing; these are also good basis when making business adjustments.

If you want your business to succeed, do not neglect the aspect of good telephone manners.