Best Way to Encrypt Windows Live Mail Outgoing Messages


Are you looking for a trick to encrypt the messages in Windows Live Mail. In this section we are going to discuss the most appropriate way to encrypt the outgoing messages in the Windows Live Mail. However, It is very crucial for the user to understand the importance of encryption. As there have been multiple cases of doubt for the users that whether outgoing message encryption is necessary or not.

What is encryption and its significance?

Encryption can be defined as the process of manipulating the data in such a manner that it becomes accessible for the user directly. However, there are still individual who have exceptional knowledge and they can make it accessible in the readable and original format. In today’s era everyone wants security in order to nurture forward to a better future. From the past times, people have gone through multiple cryptography techniques to assure the security the user’s messages. However, the ways to encrypt the data have been improved from the past at a rapid pace. The significance of encryption has also grown exponentially and today the digital world depends on the concept of encryption that ensuring privacy and security because of the cyber crimes that have also increased at a high speed. These days hackers have become more alert and have invented various techniques to hack the crucial data stored by the users. Here, Encryption allows the user to stay alert and keep the data safe from the hands of hackers. Now we have discussed the importance of encryption, lets check the reasons to include encryption in Windows Live Mail email client.

Reasons to Include encryption in Windows Live Mail

Like all the normal users of the web, the users of Windows Live mail fall under the same category i.e. the messages sent via the Windows Live mail are vulnerable and include the risk of information breach, As the messages are at risk until and unless the user takes the necessary steps in order to protect it from unauthorized access. Once the files have been encrypted, It ensures the user that the data will be received by the user without any modification or manipulation to the information transferred. There have been multiple queries of Windows Live Mail users, One of them is stated below:


“I have used the Windows Live Mail from several years. I have been thinking about encryption because of the growing ransomware attacks. I have looking all over the web, but my efforts went in vain. I do not know how to protect my outgoing messages from unauthorized access. Now, I am lokking for a useful solution to encrypt emails. Please help!!”

Now, lets proceed to the solution available encryption in Windows Live Mail. Please have a look:

Method to Encrypt Outgoing Emails in Windows Live Mail

  • Encrypt Multiple Email

Users can perform the encryption of the mails in 2 different ways :

  • Encrypt Single Email
  • Encrypt Multiple Emails

Encrypt a Single Email

To achieve this task, Follow the mentioned steps:

  • First, compose a new email and specify the recipient in Windows Live Mail.
  • Secondly, On the compose a New Message, under the tools menu click on the Encrypt

Point to Remember: In case, the menu is not visible New Message interface, now it is required for you to click on Toolbar menu and then click on Show Menu bar.

  • Finally, click on the send button and the message would be delivered.

Encrypt all Sent Emails(Multiple Emails)

To achieve this task, Follow the mentioned steps:

  • Firstly, On the Windows Live Mail interface of the Windows Live Mail, Under the tool menu click on the “Safety” button.
  • Under the Safety Options, Click on the Security
  • On the Secure mail, Checkmark the box corresponding to “Encrypt content and all attachments for all outgoing message”.
  • At last click on the “OK” button.
  • Once the process has been completed, from now on all the sent emails will be protected or encrypted if recepient address is different from the contacts mentioned

Final Verdict

Windows Live Mail is a platform that provides many features to the users such as the capability to set up multiple accounts to include the web based emails such as the or, enhanced security features, etc. Windows Live Mail is indeed a platform that brings forth various features among its users such as the capability to set up various accounts, facility to include webmail i.e. or Gmail, enhanced security features.

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