Effective Techniques To Popularize A WordPress Blog

WordPress is the most post popular blogging platform available in the market. Its simplicity, efficiency, ease of use and SEO friendliness make it the perfect tool for publishing blogs. Many users and bloggers are using it for publishing blogs over the internet and earn from them. However, it has been seen that many of the bloggers are not able to continue with their blogs as their blogs just don’t get popular enough for them to keep applying the effort in maintaining it and continuing the blog.

Here are some proven techniques that can help you in popularizing your WordPress blog:

Focus on one or two topics: Bloggers start their blogs with lots of enthusiasm and actually plan of blogging about their thoughts on the whole world in general. However, this tactic will never let your blog become popular as your posts may be impressive but you won’t be able to get many visitors back on your site as you won’t have much to share about their particular interests. The best you can do is to choose one or two topics and focus your posts on them only. Further, try to broaden your topics so that you don’t get bored of writing on the same topics again and again.

Be active on other blogs too: The chances of you being the only blogger on a particular topic are very rare. There will always be other bloggers who share the same interest in their blogs. You need to stay in touch with them by commenting on their posts. These comments will allow you to include a link with their name also. Further, you will get some visitors from their blogs also and could even go on to link exchange with them if you are able to build a good reputation with them.

Use Plugins for SEO and to keep visitors on the blog: WordPress blogs are itself SEO friendly but it is just not enough today. You can use a good SEO plugin such as All in One SEO Pack for optimizing your blog for most relevant keywords. Further, use plugins such as Linkwithin, Best Related Posts etc for attracting the visitors and keeping them on your blog. These plugins will automatically display the most relevant and related posts to your visitors and thus keep them on your blog.

Use Social Channels, Add Social Sharing: Today, social networking is creating buzz everywhere. In-fact, if visitors find a blog or site without social tabs then it is not a good impression on them. It is always a better idea to have these social tabs on your page as some of your visitors will definitely want to share what they like on your blog.

Above tips will definitely help you in popularizing your blogs and help you in achieving whatever your end goals are with them. However, if you have a professional blog for an organization or business then it will be better if you let some expert internet marketing company take care of your blogs.


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