Different ways to promote your Android app

So you’ve launched your first Android app, Congratulations! Now the next step is getting some installs for your app and, if possible, some rates and reviews. To do this you’ll need to take some actions that will help draw the attention of potential relevant users to your app. I’ve listed some of the main channels you should use to get the best exposure for your app in the fastest and most cost effective way.

Pay per install

Pay per install means basically getting your app published in other related apps. It’s the fastest way to get your initial exposure and if your app is any good, you’ll gain a lot more users just by hear say. The prices range between $0.2-$0.5 per install and there are plenty of services out there that will allow you to register your app with no minimum deposit – you spend as much as you want. My personal favorite is Appbrain.com. They give you a simple SDK to add to your app and offer free tracking tools to see your progress. You control the amount and rate and you can pause/stop a campaign whenever you want.

App directories and search engines

There are a lot of free and paid directories and search engines for apps out there. Some are global and some are for local markets. The best thing to do is get a list of as many such sites as possible and start submitting to them. You can find these sites with simple relevant queries on Google’s search page. Look for things like – ‘app submit’/ ‘add app’ / ‘Android apps’ and well, you get the idea. Keep records of your submissions. If you do that you’ll be able to save time in your next app’s submissions. Keep in mind that some of these sites ask for the app’s file so it can be downloaded directly from their site. I recommend leaving these sites to when you’re sure you’ve reached a good, functional and errors free version for your app. Otherwise it will be hard to resubmit the app with a better version in later time.

Social marketing

As an app developer you probably don’t have much experience in marketing, so it’s safe to assume that social marketing is mostly Chinese to you. But don’t be alarmed. You can still do a pretty good job with just basic skills. The most obvious things to do is – open a page for your app in all the main social sites – Facebook, G+, Pinterest etc. Make a quick video for the app – how to use it, funny aspects of it and so on. Then submit this video in all major video sharing sites like Youtube, Metacafe and 9gag.com. Make sure you include a link to your app from all of these sources with a short creative and attracting description.

‘Check out my app’ forums

There are many forums out there in which developers, such as you, are asking for each other’s review on their newly launched app. You can do the same as get not only installs but some real productive reviews that will help you improve your app.

Blog comments

Look for blogs that are writing reviews about apps which are similar to yours and add a relevant comment with a link to your app in it. Remember – it’s not spamming if it’s relevant.

Ask bloggers to review your app

There are a lot of bloggers out there who are eager to get already written reviews for a new app. If you send them an objective review about your app, they just might publish it in their blog and add a link to download your app.

This list covers just a few of the many things you can do to promote your site and, as you can see, there are a lot of things you can do with little experience and knowledge about this field. You don’t have to do everything. Start with one or two and continue from there. You’ll see for yourself that once you get the hang of things it all becomes as easy as programming and even easier.

About Author: Natalie Halimi is an online and mobile marketing expert. One of the most recent examples for her work is Winnings.com, a big money games brand in the UK and other parts of Europe.