Dashboard Widgets to Have in Your Mac Computer

Dashboards are basically applications built for Apple computers. They are designed to host mini-applications commonly referred to as widgets. Dashboard widgets were initially presented in Tiger (i.e. a translucent film which is not visible to the Mac user). The widget was activated by double-clicking on the application icon which is located in the dock. On the other hand, a user can activate a dashboard widget by dragging and dropping the icon to a designated area on the screen.

Widget Functions and Capabilities

Dashboard widgets such as web pages are able to do a myriad of things. Dashboard widgets are built to execute tasks which would have otherwise been wearisome or complex for the Mac user to retrieve manually. Google Search is an example of dashboard widget that a Mac user can utilize to simplify his or her search on the web. The Google Search widgets function by loading the default web browser and carrying out a search. There are also dashboard widgets that have been specially built to function as games by making use of Adobe Flash.

The following are some types of dashboard widgets that you should consider installing in your Mac computer:

–          iStat Pro

This type of dashboard widget has been built with an aim of offering you a general overview of the tasks being performed by your Mac computer. The application will provide you with single view of your RAM and process usage, network status, fan speed, available space on your hard drive, battery level and internal temperature amongst other things.

–          Amazon Album Art

When downloading an album through iTunes, it instinctively downloads the album cover in the process. However, this is only possible if you have registered for an iTunes account. In addition, iTunes must have sold the music in your library. In case a song is not available for sale through iTunes, you will not be able to get the album art cover. But by making use of Amazon Album Art, you will be able to download an album cover in the shortest time possible. It does not matter what method that was used to download the music.

–          Harmonic

This dashboard gadget makes it possible for you to download the lyrics of your preferred song in the shortest time possible. All that is required of you is to ensure that the widget is activated when playing a particular song with your iTunes. However, lyrics to songs that are not so popular may not be available. The application only downloads lyrics for most commonly downloaded and played songs.

–          xCuts

It’s not humanly possible for everyone to recall the keyboard shortcuts used by Mac OS. Keyboard shortcuts can enable you to complete tasks in the shortest time possible. If you are finding it hard to recall keyboard shortcuts used by Mac OS X, you need to download and install xCuts in your Mac computer. All the keyboard shortcuts used by Mac computers are neatly displayed on the dashboard.

Other dashboard widgets that you should consider installing for your Mac OS X are iPassword, gMap and UpcomingBirthdays.

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