Creating Social Networking Account: The Benefits and Drawbacks

Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are becoming more popular every year. These sites offer a better way of communicating, connecting people, entertaining, job searching, and a lot more. This just proves that having a social networking account is beneficial. In fact, it can now be considered as a necessity due to its benefits and advantages. However, what people do not know is that every social networking site also has its cons.  But first, let us discuss its pros:


Advantages of Social Media

  • Connecting People: Social networking sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn are very effective in connecting people with each other whether to a friend, family member, business associate, prospective employer, or anyone. Tweeting nice quotes related to your interests can get other people’s attention. Tweet your thoughts, your stories, or other interesting stuff life and you will eventually get a lot of followers.
  • Job Hunting: Social networking sites offer job opportunities. Although these social networking sites are not really hosting those companies, it will still help you get connected to numerous websites that post job opportunities. By joining in some groups that share the same interest as yours in your social networking account, you can establish more connections, contacts, and even know employers. LinkedIn, in particular, is one social networking site that can help you on your job hunting venture.
  • Build Relationship:  Build a strong relationship with your friends, family, or love ones even if you are far away from them. Even the problem of long distance relationships can be solved through Facebook. You can now have regular updates from your friends by visiting their Facebook wall or profile. You can now talk with your family via text chat box anytime you want. Even video chatting with your love ones can now be done through Facebook, as the site features free VoIP calling.

Drawbacks Of Social Networking Sites

  • Affects Your Career: Having a social networking account is good since this is where you usually connect with your friends, family, or loved ones. This is also the place where you express your feelings by posting status updates or commenting on your friends’ posts. However, what you do not know is that it may affect your whole career. If you think that posting a photo of you drunk while lying on the street is funny, think again. If in some instance your boss saw that photo then it will certainly be taken against your character. It might even change the way your boss think about you. Facebook shows who you really are as a person through your posted thoughts and photos, it is vital for your company to browse your Facebook account for character verification.
  • Half-Done Profile: Having an incomplete profile on your social networking site is a disadvantage especially if you are seeking for a job. This may only result to a negative feedback about you since a recruiter or employer cannot get enough information about you. A social networking profile that lacks information will not bring you anywhere.
  • Connections: It is beneficial to have many connections on your social networking profile because they can be the key to building your career. However, adding friends to your account even though you do not know them personally is critical. They might be stalkers or identity thieves. They can use your pictures or information so they will not get blamed when they defame another person. Another result would be when your employer browses an account that has similar information and photos as your account they might think that it’s yours. Be careful in accepting online friends.

These are some of the pros and cons of having a social networking account. Hopefully, this will help you on your career and social life.