Coming Soon: Latest iPhone – a Game Changer

iPhone 5sThere is a lot of buzz around the soon-to-be-launched device from the Cupertino-based company. If things go as planned (which usually does for this manufacturer giant) the list of i-devices goes well, a little longer by a notch.

However, experts believe there may be more to this latest iPhone than meets the eye. More specifically this much-ballyhooed “iPhone 5S” will affect Apple’s tens if not hundreds of millions of customers.

In one clean sweep, Apple (AAPL) could be poised to get more marketing clout and rattle its biggest rivals (e.g., Samsung, Google) like never before.

 Strong Move: Updated Software

True, the “iPhone 5S” may be running using a faster processor and a more powerful camera. This makes the product stand out from its predecessors.

However, what could be the real game-changer is the iOS 7 software – installed on this latest iPhone. What makes this version of iOS special is it is designed to be compatible with the rest of the iPhone line-up, from the latest to the 2010 model: the iPhone 4. This is a big market stretch affecting millions of users, iPad ones included. Excluding those using the original iPad version.

In short, those who may have made a habit of enjoying their iPads on an iPad keyboard case watching videos or what-not, may be in for a pleasant surprise.

In numbers, this could mean hundreds of millions of revived iPhone/iPad users in addition to the estimated 5 to 15 million who could be rushing to get their hands first on the new kid on the block: iPhone 5S.


To a larger extent, this could change the marketing landscape. Not only may Apple’simmediate rivals have to brace themselves (i.e., Samsung, Nokia) but other related businesses could get hurt. And the results could be far from being smooth. It could be ugly.

For instance, Instagram another moneymaker for Facebook (FB) can take a direct hit as Flickr – a Yahoo subsidiary – gets ingrained into the new iOS operating system.

Even the mighty Google can take a fall as an improved Siri (Apple’s brainchild) gets more clout.

 Apple Woes

On an entirely different note, Apple could also suffer should the new iOS reap fantastic results. People who may find their old iphones/iPad exceed expectations with the iOS 7 may have less incentive to get the new iPhone 5S.

Yes, this set-up may be able to turn the tide against strong marketing forces currently at play. For one, android users and those who are planning to get into the Google-system may think twice before making a proverbial leap.

But depending on how the market reacts, things could also back-fire at Apple. Let’s just say 2013 is still anybody’s year. A most interesting year unfolding.