CellRevealer – Find out who is calling

Did you ever receive a phone call from a number which is not saved in your contacts list? Well, everyone does and sometimes, we just don’t want to make a callback to find out the person behind that call. Still, we are interested in identifying that person. So, what option do we have then? The answer is simple – we need to make a reverse cellphone lookup. call tracking

There are many websites which claim to do a proper reverse cellphone lookup, so the selection of anyone among them can get tricky. Well, here we have one of the most reputed sites providing reverse cellphone search for the visitors – it’s Cell Revealer.

Where Does CellRevealer excel?

  • First of all, CellRevealer is extremely easy to use. Right on the homepage, you will find a box where you need to enter the number and hit search. That’s all you need to do and you’re just a few seconds away from knowing that who’s behind that anonymous call.
  • CellRevealer has an excellent set of tools using which you can get the results very quickly and accurately.
  • You won’t get tracked for making a search through CellRevealer. Hence, the person behind the missed call will never know that you made a reverse cellphone lookup with his or her number. Searching phone numbers through CellRevealer is completely anonymous.
  • The service is mostly free. Only a few numbers require a bit of extra tools and those may cost you money. That being said, you are limited to making only a few free searches in every day. For being able to search unlimited phone numbers, you need to opt for a premium account. There is another advantage of holding a premium account as you will receive more information than what you will get as a free user. Details such as registered street address, phone line type, Phone Company, issuing location, phone owner marital status and age are displayed only to the premium users (Obviously these information need to be available in the databases where the cellphone numbers are looked up by CellRevealer).
  • Even if the number from which you received the call is under the Do Not Disturb list, you should not be worried. You can still make a search on that number and CellRevealer will find information about the same. Remember one thing, an entry in the Do Not Disturb list ensures that no telemarketing calls can be made at that phone. However, that doesn’t make your phone number excluded from reverse cellphone searches conducted by third parties.

Is Reverse Cellphone Lookup Legal?

This is a big concern for many who consider doing a reverse cellphone lookup. Well, to give them assurance, cellphone number search is completely legal as long as your intentions are not wrong. If you use the provided information for some cold calling or telemarketing purpose, then you can certainly be hold responsible by the country laws. However, if your intention is just to find the person behind a prank call or missed call and you don’t abuse the information provided, you are safe.