Can you control your online image?

Many businesses work very hard to prepare their websites; business owners understand from the start what a powerful marketing tool the Internet would become, even if the ecommerce activity took a little longer to get a wider audience.

However, many have failed to take real advantage of this medium because of the assumption that presenting its traditional sales message to the consumer audience is sufficient. A strong and effective Internet presence takes more than that. Ideally a business should have someone dealing with its Internet strategy every day.

Technical analysis

That is not just its core products and promotional ideas; it is far more technical than that. It is daily activity to monitor the traffic that is coming to the website and analysis of the pages that are capturing the most attention.

A website’s visual appearance is one thing; it must be attractive and positively eye catching, not dissimilar to the front page of a publication that wants to be bought. However equally and perhaps even more important are the things that are not seen, the comments in the news, on blogs and forums that might cast an altogether different light on the company.

Be proactive

It is essential that a business takes control of its image and negative press and comment needs to be addressed. Some may be justified so it needs a response to lessen its impact. There are still the normal channels to handle complaint and a PR employee to handle the situation but there is an urgent need for positive news being posted to offset the damage done online.

That task is specialized work; it is important that when researchers go to a search engine for information that any negative news is pushed down the search engine rankings to effectively render it ‘invisible’; few people go beyond the first two ranking pages when researching a topic.

One off not enough

This is far more than a one-off exercise. It begins with the preparation of a report on the situation currently and the work needed to make any negative comment ‘invisible.’  The longer anything negative appears the more it will impact on a business; with other alternatives researchers may dismiss a website immediately when offered several to look at.

The logic is surely that constant monitoring will see negative comment as it appears and reduce its effect on a business as a result. It involves time and effort and a little more but you will quickly control your online image. Patented technology helps in the process and given that research shows that negative comment can have an adverse effect on business an investment well worth making.

Any business that is not taking advantage of the Internet faces a doubtful future because there will certainly be many in its business sector that are. It perhaps needs a little research by the ‘boss’ to look at what is on offer. Remember that the Internet is the Number One source of information these days.  There is neither cost nor obligation in contacting Internet professionals to get an idea of what they have to offer.