Buying Games with Your Old iPod or iPhone

When you purchase a new iPhone, the cost depends on whether you sign a two-year contract or not. For most, signing their freedom away will save them $400 on the retail price of the phone. Others may want to keep their freedom and pay the full $600 price tag. Whatever the case, your phone will get old; it will get scratched; and you will want to get rid of it. What you choose to do with your old, dull, losing-its-original-color iPhone is your business. Some prefer to give it away; others choose to make money off of it. Of course, not all websites and stores will give you the best trade-in value for your old device, but for the gamer with an old iPhone, iPod or iPad, two stores can give you fast cash for your old devices.


You may not be in the market for another iPhone or iPod, so GameStop offers trade-ins on all used Apple products (minus computers). You might be into games, and selling an old iPhone 3Gs or 2nd generation iPhone is a great way to get quick cash for your old products. Of course, when you trade in an old device you do have options: you can get store credit or cash upfront. While the latter of the two options seems better, GameStop gives you 15% less money if you take the cash and take your business elsewhere.

Its trade-in policy is simple: no cracks on the device and it must be in working condition. You do not need to bring in any manuals, headphones, additional charging stations, cables or used ipod cases and skins. The amount of money you receive will depend on the condition of the device, but prices range from as little as $8 for a 1st generation iPod to has high as $300 for an iPhone 4S.

Best Buy

As with GameStop, Best Buy may be an alternative to trading in your old device, and as one of the biggest electronic companies, you may have a better selection of items at a cheaper price. Similar in policy, a Best Buy will inspect your old device to ensure that no cracks are present and that the device works. As with GameStop, even if you have the best iphone 3gs cases, chargers and additional accessories, all they will take is the device itself. However, Best Buy will only award you in-store credit for your old merchandize, but you can still buy games and electronics both online and in-store.


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