Business Telephone Options for Small Businesses

Before the boom of the Internet age, acquiring a business telephone seems relatively easier today since there were limited options. If you are a small business, the only option that was given to you was a small PBX. On the other hand, the advent of Internet technology has allowed business owners to explore other options related to business communication. For those aiming for an improved business communication for a better professional image, modern telephone systems are of great help. For those who often end up overwhelmed with the available choices in the market, it helps to understand the specific kinds that they can pick:

VoIP Phone Services

One of the oldest telephones in the market is the VoIP service. It is known as the descendant of the IP PBX phone system. However, since technology was expensive before, VoIP was not made possible for small businesses. VoIP stands for Voice-over Internet Protocol. Obviously, this uses the power of the Internet technology. You can call normal telephone numbers using your computer and your laptop. With a VoIP PBX in your office, you have your dedicated server for you to manage your phone calls. This can help in improving the voice quality of your calls. In addition, the voice quality is also dependent on the number of heads that are using the technology. The technology is also dependent with Internet speed.

Hybrid VoIP Business phone system

You can still use your old handsets and use the Internet as your gateway to make business calls through a Hybrid VoIP phone system. The premise of this technology is you replace the cable of your normal telephone with a LAN wire. This makes the cabling of your office a little bit costly compared to using a normal VoIP PBX.  Just like in a VoIP PBX, it is also required that a company has a dedicated server for this kind of business phone (for example, RingCentral).

Hosted VoIP Business Telephone

The term hosted means that you have others that will maintain your phone service for you. Hosted VoIP allows you to experience the power of calling your business clients with the use of the Internet. But this time, you do not have to build your own server to enjoy the service. You can just simply subscribe to a host. However, if there are problems with your host it can delay your business transactions. A Hosted VoIP service is best for starting a business.

Money is so important, especially when you are just starting. But it is also integral to a business that business communication tools should be purchased for the success of a business. A business phone is not a liability for your company. Instead, it can be considered your secret weapon to market your products and services.  There are plenty of options available in the market nowadays. All you have to do is to research and weigh your options well before shelling out money for the right system.