BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for Android and iPhone

Instant Messaging

Blackberry messenger is an instant messenger which was so popular back in 2008 and many of the people used to buy the blackberry set in order to have BBM. It is a combination of fastest hardware keyboard which not only offers a better degree of speed and utility but in fact we can never chat on mobile as quickly as we could now on desktops. Now many years have gone and blackberry sets are replaced by Android, iPhone and Windows Phones; BBM is replaced by WhatsApp, Kik Messenger, Snapchat and iMessage.


Launching on iOS and Andriod Platform

Just recently, Blackberry launched BBM for iPhone and Androids for free perhaps it is considered to be the last chance to capitalize on the brand equity once company holds. Also, the market has got much more fragmented every country has its own favorite messaging apps. It is quite obvious that people want to have do-all solution as they don’t want to switch from one chat app to another. What had made BBM so special? It was dead simple interface with was speedy too. At that time people don’t have that many options to send pictures and they tend to send through low response MMS.

Overwhelming response

Initially, BBM debuted on iOS and when it receives overwhelmed response; decided to launch over a wider scale. The basic features still exist like one on one chat, group messaging, photo attachments, status messages, etc. download the BlackBerry package for Android and IOS and install. Register yourself with an email address. If you signed up on company’s own website, you will be able to use the package right away without having to wait for the invitation mail.

Availability with other Mobile Application Platforms

BBM isn’t available for the Windows Phone which might not please many. The blackberry app does not have stickers, no video sharing, no voice calls and many other features. Apart from that, the app is gaining more and more attention as it was popular in its golden old days when there wasn’t that much competition of the chat apps. The competition is too tough these days which is the reason why nobody can grant success of any app until and unless it comes into facts and figures.


BlackBerry Messenger is not giving any official hint for the Windows Phone. It is being expected that BlackBerry is looking into the response of Apple and Google platforms and will later decide to go for Windows Phone. So far, the app is downloaded in significant numbers by the Android and iPhone users.