10 best places to buy bitcoins

At this age of digitalization, bitcoins are something very common among you. Digital currency has become a new asset to the buyers and they are very much overwhelmed by the process.  You can get all the different criteria and benefits with the bitcoins. You can create your own bitcoin account and keep all of your property there. But, people often get perplexed about how to buy a bitcoin and what can be the exact place from where you can buy. It is very much important to find it out from a proper and trustworthy place and then save it and use it according to your need.

Major investors and the financial industry have taken it too seriously and now most of them are a part of cryptocurrency and the bitcoins stuff. To get engaged into the stock, bonds and other commodities, it is very much important to get indulged into the bitcoins. Hundreds of funds are now increasing their digital currency assets after buying bitcoins.

Now, you need to know the best sites from where you can buy bitcoins from. You need to know how these sites help you and the kinds of benefits that you can experience once you buy bitcoins from these sites.

Best websites that can give you the best benefits with bitcoins

  • eToro:-

This is the number one in the list and can be trusted at any cost. It has been found that most of the financial investors prefer this site because when they plan to buy bitcoins. This website only allows you to buy bitcoins via credit card, bank transfer, or PayPal. Here, you will not get the facility of paying in cash while buying the bitcoins. But, the best thing about eToro is that the reputation is high than any other website. The feedback from the customers is excellent.

  • Coinbase:-

This is also another trustworthy website from where you can buy bitcoins. It is a United States based platform. The specialty of this platform that it offers both an exchange and wallet in one and together. Moreover, it also supports Bitcoin cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. The Coinbase wallet is also very secured most accessible via mobile application and web application.

  • Robinhood:-

Although Robinhood is new in the world of digital currencies, still it has made its mark on the broker and financial investors. The best part of this platform is that you do not have to pay any fees. It has a facility for creating a free account known as ‘Robinhood Crypto’. It is the best platform for people who always manage the money thing from their mobile or tablet because Robinhood only has mobile versions. However, it has recently added a web version to it which can also be very much helpful to you.

  • Square Cash:-

This is also another platform that says a big ‘NO’ to fees. You can buy and sell bitcoins for free with the help of their platform. This one has a cash app by which you can easily send money to anyone and also to anywhere in the world. This is one of such platforms who have a lot more things to offer rather than just bitcoins services.

  • Binance:-

Although this website is not totally free, the fees are very low from any other such platforms. For the traders, it only has a percentage of .1 and when you need to buy safe bitcoins, then you can choose this website as it offers too many discounts and other benefits as well.

  • CoinMama:-

This is the best place to buy bitcoins and it can also be used as a digital wallet by which you can get easy bitcoins. You need to remember that coin mama does not have the option of putting any different fund apart from bitcoin. But, this is indeed a very trustworthy platform by which you can register your account from anywhere in the globe. The best thing about this platform is that it has coverage of 188 countries altogether. Therefore, it has a wide reach and there are many financial advisors who recommend CoinMama as one of the best websites to buy bitcoins.

  • Coinbase Pro:-

This is one of such platforms which is best for active traders. This platform is also known as GDAX and it has a platform that has commodity stock and also active stock. This is a platform where traders easily have different ways to buy bitcoins and then again invest them in trading. So, the percentage of the fees is also high comparing from any other website. Here, the fees are 0.10 percent to 0.30 percent of the total trading. So, if you want to buy bitcoins in a higher volume for trading purpose, Coinbase pro is the best option for you. Jacky Emmi from MyAsssignmenthelp.com once said that ‘bitcoins is the best option to pay to us if you avail homework help from our service’.

  • CoinExchange:-

It is also a very low-cost website where you get a huge opportunity of exchanging your coins. So, it is not about only buying bitcoins, but you can also exchange a huge amount of coins via percentage. Here, your funds are totally safe and the best part is there is no validity date for the bitcoins. The biggest drawback of this platform is the lack of mobile application. Without this, they have a lower trading rate than the other platforms to buy bitcoins.

  • Cex:-

This platform offers a high range of currency but a real low price. This one is one of the oldest platforms and it also has the android app which is very easy to use. It is also an insured site where you can pay via Credit, debit and also PayPal. However, the cash option is not there on this platform. The most inconvenient part of using this platform is that the Android application of this platform has been reported with bugs. Therefore, most of the customers have uninstalled the app from their respective mobile phones.

  • LiveCoin: –

This is also a good platform for buying and restoring bitcoins. But, it has certain drawbacks. Although, this is one of the oldest platforms, still, people do not tend to use it because it does not have any digital payment option due to which now this platform is lagging behind. But, still, it has certain old customers who still rely on this platform and buy bitcoins.

So, you need to know that while buying proper bitcoins, it is very much important for you to find out the best platform from where you can easily buy and also store them. The digital wallet is a very unique way to make your way to transactions and get a digitalized way to get through your trading.

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