Best 5 Apps to Use for Educational Purposes

Education is the corner stone to any society. It is our responsibility to see that the younger generations of today get the best mode of education possible. Only education is sufficient to make children better citizens of the coming years. The present day context is highly competitive which requires students to be the best in what they do. The increase in population automatically creates a tougher situation when the employability criterion is concerned. A few at the top with great proficiency grab all opportunities in every field. This is the law of the world. Being the inhabitants of the present times we need to evolve ourselves as time goes by and adapt ourselves to the changing situations. It is a mad race for survival everywhere irrespective of whether it is a human being or a non-human species.

The present education sector has a great deal of advantages because of the overwhelming influence of tablets and smart phones. These sophisticated gadgets increased student engagement considerably and also extended the learning environment beyond classrooms and the normal school hours. Top-quality educational apps are appreciable when students use smart phones and tablets. Let us look at best 5 apps for educational purposes in detail.

  1. Edmodo:

    Edmodo is an educational app with the help of which teachers and students can share content. This app can be used as a medium for new information or notifications, for submitting assignments and receiving grades. This app enables teachers to post assignments, messages, polls and quizzes. It also provides access to relevant resources and calendars. This is a highly useful app for teachers and students.

  2. Screen chomp:

    This app is a smart alternative to the standard presentations of the yester years. With the help of screen chomp one can record one’s own narrations as one sketches it out and explains an idea on iPad. One can sketch on a plain background or choose a specific image from a camera roll, videos can be shared with students or other educators via a unique URL.

  3. Study Blue:

    Study Blue Flashcards is an educational app which is time-tested for study. It is easy to lose track of because of its size and durability. This app makes it easy for teachers to create digital sets of flash cards, study guides and quizzes. Audio and video supplements to the flash cards are options at the users’ discretion. Students can make their own sets of flash cards and study tools. This is a perfect app which is the best way to learn. It is proven that auditory and visual aids enhance the process of learning. Through this app students can learn on their own even after the school hours. We do not forget what we experimented on and then learned for an entire lifetime.

  4. Zite:

    This innovative, educational app appears like a magazine because it has contents such as relevant blog posts, news articles and videos from an exhaustive bulk of materials. This app learns the users’ preferences over time, it customizes displayed contents using an algorithm. With the help of this app teachers can stay updated with the latest subject matter and news without having to spend hours browsing the web.

  5. Class Messenger:

    This app allows teachers to pass messages to parents without students’ knowledge. This, in fact, helps to have a check on the trouble mongers in a class. Through this app teachers can send messages to individual parents of upcoming school events, or regarding some study material. Messages and notifications can be synchronized between mobile and desktop platforms for keeping things up-to-date.


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