Benefits and secrets of Article Marketing

If you want some serious and mature traffic on your website for its web promotion article marketing is one of the most effective ways to do so. They bring traffic to your site as well as increasing your keywords ranking.

How articles should be written

Article should be written according to readers prospective. What our reader wants to read should be the main theme of article. Readers trend changes with passage of time. Avoid writing about dead topics. For some time some products were very popular in past and they were very popular topics to talk about. By the passage of time people are no longer interested in writing or reading about them anymore.

Does quality content matters?

Quality of your content matters a lot. The title of your article should be attractive. Sometimes all the efforts are wasted due to some sloppy or boring title. The main running issue is Quality Content which matters a lot. If the content of your article is not of good quality it will not attract the attention of readers and search engines.

How quality can be measured?

Content is said to be of quality if it is free from grammatical errors, is written on some fresh topic and is free from key word stuffing. Keywords are used to give the topic some relevancy and also for linking purpose. If there are a lot of keywords in your article its quality is considered to be poor. Quality article submission websites have mentioned the rules regarding keywords usage. The length of your article also matters. Getting your article approved by editors is not possible when most websites don’t even allow you to submit a short article. An article with 500 to 600 words is considered to be enough.

What is the objective of Article submission?

The main purpose of articles submissions is increasing the traffic and customer visibility of website. Topics are normally searched on Google. If you have submitted on a low P.R (page rank) site search engine will not give it any specific importance. The secret is to submit quality content on high P.R websites. These submissions will increase the visibility of your website in search engines.

What about the quantity of article submission?

There is a lot of discussion on the quantity of submission. Some say the more you submit the better it is for business. Others emphasize on quality submission. Professionals always try to get maximum results from little efforts. Submission on High P.R will be indexed in a very short time period.

Link article to your website

If you have not given any link in your article your efforts are useless. Without any link how would you imagine your reader to become your customer? Don’t just give link to your website; you can promote your other articles by giving their link. This technique is known as Interlinking. Articles which are linked to another article will be indexed easily and are helpful in bringing you traffic.

If managed properly Article marketing is very helpful in bringing customers to your website.

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