Apple iPhone 5C Comes with Fantastic Features and Specifications

iphone_5cApple iPhone 5C has been launched in Cupertino, Calif., on 10th September, 2013. Apple iPhone 5C will deliver in 5 unique colors, in addition to unique specifications equivalent to the 2012’s iPhone 5, by having a better battery style and design.

Apple iPhone 5C Features

Apple iPhone 5C includes a Retina display screen of 4 inches providing 326 ppi (pixels per inch), and powerful processor A6, a FaceTime chat front-face camera along with an 8MP backside camera. It is expected that Apple will start the sale of iPhone 5C from 20th September in America with contract based on 16GB in $99 and 32GB in $199.

Apple iPhone 5C Design

The Apple has launched their iPhone 5C in a variety of 5 shades such as pink, green, white, yellow, and blue, because Apple moves from aluminum to a simple thermoplastic which goes through a “padded” production procedure. The Apple launched their new iPhone 5C along with a collection of colored cover casing on $29, manufactured from “soft and sleek silicon plastic,” and Jony Ive from Apple Company said that Apple introduced the similar crazy-care same like the previous iPhone models.

Apple iPhone 5C Storage

Apple iPhone 5C will come in 16GB and 32GB of storage space, and will work with the latest iOS7 operating system. Apple iPhone 5C includes a strong-steel material which also works like an antenna, along with a battery much better than the iPhone 5. Apple iPhone 5C includes the common home key seen in earlier Apple products, instead of the fingerprint scanner available on the top-end of iPhone 5S. The iPhone 5C will be a new member of Apple’s smartphone family.

Apple iPhone 5C Specifications

Apple iPhone 5C specifications are a strong A6 chipset, including a custom-developed 1.3 GHz processor, CPU (the main processor) is dual-core combined with a three core GPU (Graphic Processing Unit). The A6 chipset initially came out in last year with Apple iPhone 5, including RAM of 1GB, able to working with multiple applications. Almost all latest touch screen phones launched in 2013 integrate minimum RAM of 1GB, although the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 would be the 1st smartphone ever who comes with RAM of 3GB.

Price Facts for Apple iPhone 5C

By having the cheap thermoplastic cover and this existing provide of a little bit old technologies, Apple is ready to deliver the iPhone 5C in a significantly cheaper price level that will enable Apple to complete a few of the price space presently engaged through cheap Android products. Lots of experts have recommended that a cheaper price iPhone 5C can even enable Apple to achieve low competition sections of rising industry in India and China. The Apple seemingly has created the iPhone 5C to create a cheaper price product towards the 700+ million users of China Mobile Limited, the biggest telecom company on the planet.


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