Angry Birds Star Wars Golden Eggs Walkthrough

What happens when two leading, global brands come together? The answer lies in the success of the Angry Birds Star Wars game. The association between one of the world’s biggest entertainment brands and the one of the most popular mobile games ever surely has made headlines ever since it first released in October, 2012.

This game delivers the same kind of thrill that one comes across while watching Star Wars and the same fun when it comes to playing Angry Birds on your mobiles, tablets and personal computers. Combine the two and here you are playing the same game with cosmic backgrounds, music and the lack of gravity feel while slinging. It sounds really cool. People across the globe, playing this game are all praises for this one. Getting golden eggs in this one is far more exciting and challenging. We are more than certain that Angry Birds Star Wars golden eggs walkthrough will not be as easy as it used to be in earlier versions.

It really is one of the best compilations of Angry Birds thus far. You can shift between the classic and the space game modes which add to the overall versatility and excitement. During gameplay, there are a lot of Star War additions that enable players to gain special abilities that you don’t usually get in the normal versions of the game. Most of the elements used in the game are from the older version of the game and the way in which it has been merged, makes this game a thing of beauty. Some find gameplay in this version a little more difficult than the earlier versions. The kind of excitement that the game offers for 99 cents is unmatched. Spice it up with the cool design and the elements of Star Wars, and you have the Angry Birds Star Wars.


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