Android Jelly Bean 4.1 Soars Above The Rest

Android has did it again. The new Android 4.1 Jelly Bean has triple the features of the Android 4.0. The Android family continues to grow more intelligent and more efficient to give you the ultimate experience. Android wants to help you stay in complete control of enjoying your mobile phone experience.

When technology is made intensely smooth to operate, that is when you realize the remarkable potential of the future. The Android 4.1 has dynamic speed and the ease of transitional operation in moving from one application to another. You won’t experience that annoying buffering and down time because this device is made to flux as streamlined as an expensive Ferrari. The reaction time is excellent, the cloud of speed is exemplary.

The clear crisp screen will knock you off your feet. No blaring colors or dim light images to contend with. The precise pixel clarity will allow you to view the smallest images that you can imagine on the screen. The CPU will fade down quickly when the phone is not in use, this helps to maintain the battery life.

Keyboard Capability
Just like the internet, the Android Jelly Bean predicts the words you are typing in. The quick thinking text to speech feature is precise and works without an internet connection. You will be able to email a listserve while taking a call and keeping your schedule updated also. There are plugins for access to Braille equipment using Bluetooth and/or USB input. What’s so brilliant is a gesture mode for the sight impaired.

Widgets, Photos and Videos
You’re able to place as many widgets on the screen as you want. The Jelly Bean will automatically resize each widget to make room for more. Swiping to view your gorgeous photos is so much fun. Clear, concise and exciting are just the small pros you’ll receive from this intelligent phone. A simple tap you’ll be able to view your videos and web pages. Go to your favorite web sites and watch long videos and even movies, the possibilities are endless. Wear your earbuds for privacy and precise sound or how about connecting speakers that support secure pairing.

Features you can’t imagine:

  • · Single touch SMS/Bi-Directional text for other languages
  • · Animated Camera
  • · Updates on News and Weather
  • · Voice Typing
  • · Google Apps, Gmail, Youtube and Chrome, Games, Music and Movies
  • · Live Scores on Sports Card
  • · Currents seven tablet layout
  • · Maps with compass mode
  • · Full screen browser and web view
  • · Apps like USA Today News, Pandora, Facebook
  • · Magazines

    The Android Jelly Bean is sleek, fun and phenomenal. It works tirelessly on what you need most and will exceed your expectations. More applications with a streamlined casing and simplistic ability for everyone. We are proud to present to you the new Android Jelly Bean.


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