Android Apps a Businessman Really Needs


You might already have your own Android phone at this very moment but you still want to know how you can maximize it in your work mode. Et voila. Here’s a quick list of the apps a businessman should have in his Android phone. What’s more, all of these are available for free; however, their paid versions are, of course, more efficient. Nevertheless, they are worth the download. Read on.

  • Dolphin Browser HD. This web browser leaves the pre-installed browser in Android phones far behind in terms of tab isolations, custom settings, Google synchronization, plug-in support and a lot more. It helps you connect to the world as quick as services such as phone services from RingCentral can do.
  • Any.DO. This app is not your typical to-do list app. Gone are the days of forgetting what you’re going to take down before you even find the date where it should be posted; with Any.DO, you can immediately tap your idea into the keypad, and then drag it to the folder and date where it should be saved for. Moreover, it also allows you to manage not only your schedule but your employees’ as well. Talk about leaving your secretary behind.
  • Google Voice. No more should you bother paying $2 a month for visual voicemail service subscriptions. Google Voice lends you the same functionality for free; it allows you to view transcripts of unanswered calls, voice messages, and listen to their playbacks on your phone without dialing the voicemail.
  • Pocket. Always in a hurry to finish reading web articles in a jiffy? Read them later by storing them in Pocket archives. Having Pocket in your Android phone is like having a personalized mobile library; you can make reading lists , sort them out either by their title or URL, and customize them anyway you want.
  • SnapPea. It’s the ultimate photo, video and music manager for any Android phone as it makes upload, download, and sharing faster and more efficient. Aside from managing multimedia files, SnapPea can also sort out your contacts and make them work for you. With just a few taps, SnapPea’s interface can merge several contact entries for a single person in one profile.
  • Mint. Budgeting has never been as convenient as Mint. This app shows you how much you have and how much you have spent. You can even indicate your financial allocations for various areas such as food, clothing, and fares, and be informed of how strict or loose do you follow the limit you have set yourself – a financial auditor on-the-go.
  • NewsRob. Scan a hundred headlines of the day’s stories with the clean-slate interface of NewsRob. Aside from easy browsing, it also allows you to send the articles that caught your interest to your email, or even get to tweet or share it. Plus, it quickly updates the news feeds by the minute, for the minute.
  • Avast Mobile Security. Every businessman is concerned with, if not his own, his business’ security. That’s where Avast Mobile Security comes in handy, as it can wipe your phone ‘invisible’ from potential malware and hackers which may damage data stored in your phone. It also functions as a GPS for your phone as it allows you to remotely locate it.

These are just but a few of the essential apps for a man who is always on the go. Make your Android phone more than just a business correspondence portal; create a work and personal manager out of it using these apps.